Vicki Bisbee’s New Book Assiniboine Nakoda Book of Basic Words

Vicki Bisbee’s New Book Assiniboine Nakoda Book of Basic Words

Wolf Point, MT, April 08, 2024 -Fulton Books author Vicki Bisbee, a retired school counselor, has completed her most recent book, “Assiniboine (Nakoda): Book of Basic Words”: an educational guide meant for readers of all ages to help them learn basic words and pronunciations of the Assiniboine language.

Born and raised on the Fort Peck, Indian reservation, author Vicki Bisbee attended MSU-Northern, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business education and a master’s degree in education – guidance and counseling. Both of Vicki’s parents attended boarding schools and her mother is Chippewa from the Turtle Mountain Reservation in ND and her dad is Assiniboine. There was no Native American culture taught in school but much of that had changed when Vicki returned to the reservation in 1992. In 1996, Vicki enrolled in Native American Studies at Fort Peck Community College and began her journey by participating in her first Medicine Lodge in 1997, which finished in June 2000.

“Great efforts are being made to revitalize the Assiniboine language on the Fort Peck Reservation and areas where Assiniboins reside,” writes Vicki. “The Fort Peck Community College on the Reservation has been instrumental in teaching the Assiniboine culture and rich language. This book is a brief guide of basic words and pronunciation.”

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