nubtle Inc. Launches Innovative Vendor, Influencer, and Search Platform – April 2024 Update

Toronto, Canada, April 08, 2024 – nubtle Inc., a pioneer in digital marketing and search platforms, is thrilled to unveil a series of transformative updates and enhancements to its platform, reinforcing its commitment to innovation, user empowerment, and privacy. These updates mark a significant evolution from nubtle’s original offerings, introducing an advanced search engine, a robust influencer collaboration contract system, and a plethora of features aimed at enriching the experience for vendors, influencers, and customers alike.

Enhanced Vendor Visibility

nubtle’s search engine revolutionizes how consumers find and interact with vendors. Prior to making any commitment or sharing personal information, users can now access comprehensive vendor profiles directly from the search result page. These profiles offer a deep dive into the vendor’s world, showcasing working hours, ratings, a photo gallery, and a complete list of services offered, alongside insights into how they’ve successfully matched with similar requests previously. This transparent approach ensures consumers can make informed decisions effortlessly.

To further simplify the process, consumers interested in proceeding with a request or booking can do so by merely entering their contact information, such as an email, and verifying it with a one-time code. This streamlined process directly sends their request to the vendor for review. Additionally, each vendor now boasts their own dedicated page on nubtle, allowing appointments to be requested directly through their unique URL, bypassing the search process for consumers who already have a vendor in mind.

Revolutionizing Influencer Collaborations

nubtle has significantly expanded its platform to include tens of thousands of vendor and influencer profiles from the US and Canada, introducing a “vendor-influencer discovery” system. This feature enables both influencers and vendors to search for potential matches, send collaboration requests, and initiate contracts. These contracts can be tailored to include fixed pricing, commissions, or a combination of both, allowing for authentic content creation experiences as influencers can receive services from the vendors they’re promoting.

Influencers are afforded complete control over the content they produce, including usage rights, posting locations, and detailed payment requests, ensuring a flexible yet secure collaboration environment. This system protects influencers’ rights while offering them the freedom to dictate the terms of their engagements.

The introduction of a revision system with watermarking adds an additional layer of security, preventing unauthorized use of an influencer’s work. Vendors are granted access only to watermarked versions of the content until they have completed payment, at which point the original, unmarked files are released.

Moreover, nubtle Promo opens up commission-based promotions to all users, not just creators. This means anyone who has enjoyed a service and wishes to refer others can easily generate a unique referral link after scanning the vendor’s nubtle promotional QR code. This link leads directly to the vendor’s booking page on nubtle, and any bookings made through this link will earn the referrer a commission. This feature democratizes the ability to earn through referrals, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their status as a creator on the platform.

These updates underscore nubtle’s commitment to enhancing user experience, fostering authentic connections, and ensuring a secure and transparent platform for vendors, influencers, and consumers alike.

What’s New:

Enhanced Vendor Visibility: Complete vendor profiles are now accessible to customers before making a decision, providing a wealth of information to ensure the best match.

Influencer Collaboration Contracts: A comprehensive system facilitating detailed agreements, including content types, usage rights, and payment terms.

Expanded Industries and Features: Following our commitment to growth, nubtle continues to broaden its industry coverage and platform capabilities, addressing the dynamic needs of our users.

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