Author D.D. Darwin’s New Book Life’s Little Mysteries

Author D.D. Darwin’s New Book Life’s Little Mysteries

New York, NY, April 08, 2024 –D.D. Darwin, who has traveled much of the world working for many of the leading companies in the aerospace and defense industry from which he retired as a vice president of such a firm, has completed his new book, “Life’s Little Mysteries”: a captivating of unique and intriguing short stories that feature a variety of characters and themes.

Author D.D. Darwin proudly received his honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps. And today continues to write of his adventures.

Darwin writes, “How is it you can know a person (my dad) your entire life yet seldom take the time to see what he looks like? On a scale of one to ten, he would score a four or five in appearance. His stubby beard shone salt and peppery. While the hair atop his head gave evidence of thinning, this emphasized his receding hairline. Pop’s facial structure was too thin to be oval yet not thin enough to be a hatchet face. His nose took a slight jog to the right from some mishap in the 1930s while he served in the CCC projects. Still, for all that, the single most striking feature was his sparkling pale-blue eyes that were accented by his chestnut-brown skin. One more thing, somewhere, somehow from the time we had left his home several hours before, a metaphysical change had taken place. Years appeared to drop from his appearance. No longer was he an old man but a man filled with vitality, boundless strength, and as I was to find out, incredible endurance.”

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