Author Susan Chappell’s New Book, Resuming the Kalifee

Author Susan Chappell’s New Book, Resuming the Kalifee

Ellaville, GA, April 11, 2024 –Susan Chappell has completed her new book, “Resuming the Kalifee”: an enthralling fantasy novel that follows the next chapter for the Kalifee people.

The evil Gogatt has not been seen in at least two suns. Things are going so well for the Kalifee people. The crops are thriving, and the brothels are at their highest revenue. The divine lives within all people and the Kalifee know it and express it so well. There is love and love lost. Betrayal is waiting in the wonderful disguise of love, giving, and commitment. These fighting women and men do so much more than fight the enemy. The internal struggle, after all, is the greatest fight of all.

Author Susan Chappell writes, “The Gogatt had not been seen in more than two turns of the earth around the sun. The Califia made sure that patrols were out almost every day. Niea and her team scouted regularly. Not a single sign had been seen of any marauders. No slavers, no beatings, no rapes, and no Gogatt. Many trip wires had been located and removed. No one so far had been caught in their evil traps. If it had not been for Vahar getting Cal and Tulie loose from the deadly snares; surely they would both be dead. Everyone was so grateful to her for her skill, bravery, and using what she had to do what she needed to do. Her story would surely become a Kalifee legend—getting that close to several Gogatts, successfully killing all four of them, and saving two of the most talented fighters in the Kalifee, all while being nine moons pregnant. Now that was a matter for a heroine’s journey.”

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