Author Michael Hensley’s New Book A boy named Mike

Author Michael Hensley’s New Book A boy named Mike

Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA, April 11, 2024 –Michael Hensley, a veteran of the Marine Corps, has completed his new book, “A boy named Mike”: a touching true story that follows the author as he rises above the challenges and circumstances of his childhood and goes on to accomplish everything that he sets out to do, including seeing the world, serving his country, and starting a family of his very own.

Originally from the small town of Laurel, Delaware, author Michael Hensley has had many adventures and seen many countries throughout his career in the Marine Corps. These adventures included the ability to attend college and complete his degrees, which led him to start his doctorate. The author loves his family, his country, and God, and this is why he loves serving his country and wants to positively impact the lives of children.

Hensley writes, “This book is dedicated to all those who grew up or are growing up in a less than desirable situation, as well as those who have been told they can’t or won’t make it. Additionally, this book is dedicated to God, who has taken care of me throughout my life, and my family whom I love dearly.”

“To everyone, it’s not about where you start. We as humans have this inherent ability to make decisions, meaning where we finish is up to us.”

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