Blue Planet acquires UK-based Recycle Force to expedite waste management mission

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. (Blue Planet®), a pioneer in sustainable waste management solutions has announced the strategic acquisition of Recycle Force Limited (RFL), a UK-based waste management company. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Blue Planet’s mission to revolutionize the waste management landscape worldwide.

Established in 2004, Recycle Force offers comprehensive waste collection and processing services across commercial sectors. The organization operates a specialist fleet and an advanced recycling facility capable of processing 100,000 tonnes of recyclables annually. As a Zero Landfill company, Recycle Force maximizes recycling rates and minimizes waste sent to landfills, contributing directly to sustainability. Transparent reporting with tailored solutions ensures high service levels and customer satisfaction across sectors such as automotive, construction, education, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

Rob Kirk, CEO of RFL, is enthusiastic about this partnership and states, “Our integration with Blue Planet marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable waste management. Together, we will enhance our capabilities and drive innovation in electronic waste recycling.”

Echoing Kirk’s enthusiasm, Madhujeet Chimni, Chairman of Blue Planet, emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition: “The acquisition of Recycle Force aligns seamlessly with our mission to drive sustainability on a global scale. By integrating RFL’s capabilities into our portfolio, we strengthen our position as a leader in sustainable waste solutions and accelerate our journey towards a circular economy.”

The acquisition of Recycle Force reinforces Blue Planet’s commitment to advancing sustainable waste management practices worldwide and empowering local communities to participate in sustainable practices. With such strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Blue Planet continues to lead the baton towards a more sustainable future.

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