Breaking the Barriers, this International Women’s Day Eveready sets New Benchmark at Maddur Plant with 55 Percent Female Workforce

Mumbai, 7 March 2024: On the occasion of International Women’s Day Eveready Industries India Ltd. (EIIL), India’s No. 1 battery brand with more than 50% market share in the battery category, has forged a breakthrough in its pursuit of diversity, inclusivity, and equality at its Maddur Plant unit in the Mandya district of Karnataka. With the mission of fostering an inclusive work environment, Eveready stands as an exemplar of promoting diversity across dimensions such as culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, caste, age, and ideas. Notably, the Maddur Plant unit sets a new benchmark with an impressive 55% women representation, showcasing the company’s dedication to creating a workplace that embraces diversity at every level.


A glimpse into diversity Representation, Eveready’s holistic DEI approach is evidenced by impressive statistics at its Maddur Plant with 55% women on the shop floor and 5% on staff. Notably, Eveready has these individuals have taken up leadership and managerial responsibilities underscoring their remarkable contributions to the workforce and the local economy. To empower women within the organization, the firm is involved in many initiatives designed to advance sustainable practices, social welfare, and education, all of which contribute to the overall growth of the area. Eveready’s Maddur plant has also been recognized for its dedication to women’s development and inclusive leadership at The SheMaker Summit, a dynamic platform uniting women in manufacturing to witness, innovate, and collaborate to lead the future in the industry, which took place in August 2023 at IIM Mumbai.

Not just that, Eveready is also concerned about employees’ wellbeing and actively takes part in positively impacting the lives of the people living near their plants. Mr Prasad Tantry, Head, Maddur Plant, Eveready Industries India Ltd., stated “On this Women’s Day we are committed to building an inclusive workforce and proud of achieving 55% women workforce in shop floor setting a powerful precedent for diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing sector. The women employees are working in all areas from running machines to maintaining production records in the ERP systems. They handle stores, and dispatches, and are actively involved in jobs related to purchase, HR, and plant security. By active engagement with nearby and rural communities through employment exchanges and school campuses, we prioritize community development while ensuring gender parity within our diverse workforce, driving innovation and success.”

The company owes much of its success to distinguished female leaders, including the Head of Legal & CS, Head of CSR, Corporate HR Leads, IT Lead, Research and Development Lead, and Women Supervisor at the Maddur plant. In support, we prioritize the well-being of our female workforce, offering secure transportation, on-site clinics, and crèche facilities, with plans to replicate these supportive workplaces across our offices and manufacturing units.

Mr. Sandeep Banerjee, CHRO, Eveready Industries India Ltd. said, “At Eveready, we are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that allows impartial offering of equitable distribution of work opportunities and responsibilities to both men and women. While we celebrate International Women’s Day, we always aspire to provide equal opportunity, emphasize talent and competence above all considerations. As the happiness of our employees is of paramount importance to us, we ensure work-life balance with growth opportunities. In all our endeavours, we strive to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for our employees for a continued empowered future.”

With a solid foundation and an array of impactful initiatives, Eveready thrives to drive change in communities by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for a more inclusive and empowered future. Projects such as Project Durga, Saksham, Sushasthya, and Go Green are designed to empower women, promote education, and enhance healthcare. Eveready’s DEI journey, with a special focus on the Maddur Plant unit, underscores its dedication to embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and propelling growth not only within the organization but also within the community it serves. Through strategic initiatives, empowerment efforts, and community collaborations, Eveready has truly become a beacon of inclusivity in the corporate landscape.

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