His vow of silence is over… Brother Barnabas of the iconic Paulaner logo finally speaks after 250+ years

New York, NY, March 6, 2024 – After 250 years, Brother Barnabas, the innovative monk-turned-brewmaster and face of the iconic Paulaner logo, finally speaks thanks to the power of AI and The A Team in collaboration with Paulaner USA. The social media campaign, dubbed ‘Brother Barnabas Speaks,’ was developed to appeal to a new generation of beer drinkers, while also celebrating the rich heritage and unique history of the brand. This is the first time the iconic logo has come to life.

Rick Krisburg, Executive Vice President of the A Team stated, “We’re thrilled to pioneer this innovative approach to consumer engagement, combining centuries-old tradition with cutting-edge technology. By bringing Brother Barnabas to life using AI, we’re not only honoring Paulaner’s rich heritage, but also creating an immersive experience for beer enthusiasts.”

The sweepstakes lived on Paulaner USA’s official Instagram account, @PaulanerUSA, and featured Brother Barnabas in a series of fun social posts in which he asked trivia questions about Paulaner’s Salvator brand, its brews and more, all for the chance to win prizes including a trip to Munich’s Salvatorfest in 2025, Paulaner Salvator swag and more. To enter, fans simply answered the questions with the hashtags #Sweepstakes and #BrotherBarnabasSpeaks.

Since the social media campaign’s launch on January 2nd, the sweepstakes has been well received by fans, even sparking much conversation about the famed monks’ appearance and resemblance to modern day actor, Ben Affleck. Additionally, the sweepstakes increased a renewed interest in the 400-year-old brand. Steve Hauser, CEO and President of Paulaner USA stated, “The campaign has exceeded our expectations and has helped grow our fanbase while introducing our rich heritage in a fun, unique way. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with The A Team.”

Brother Barnabas is best known for crafting the original Paulaner Salvator double-bock. His innovative brewing techniques have set the standards of Paulaner’s overall taste and quality. The Salvator is also Paulaner’s most traditional beer. To this day, his original recipe has gone unchanged, and remains the basis for Paulaner’s Salvator.

The ‘Brother Barnabas Speaks’ social media sweepstakes will continue throughout February, ending on February 26th.

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