The °C Rail with Slidable Sensors is the Latest Addition

Nashua, NH, April 16, 2024 –Degree Controls has announced the new °C Rail (, a multipoint airflow instrumentation system with sliding sensors. Addressing the need to satisfy different test setups, the °C Rail’s linear track system allows users to move spring-loaded sensors back and forth along a rail extrusion to change sensor measurement locations. To increase data points, sensors can be added at any time. The °C Rail offers researchers, engineers, and technicians an easy and reliable way to rapidly respond to dynamic testing requirements.

Collecting precision, temperature-compensated air velocity and air temperature data for multiple sensors in real time, the °C Rail provides users with a detailed understanding of the airflow distribution. The multipoint airflow instrumentation system is flexible and covers a range of measurement areas. Rail extrusions are available in 1m and 2m sections, and selections for °C Rail sensor probe lengths extend from 75mm to 178mm. To set different measurement points, sensors can be moved back and forth along the rail, and more sensors may be installed to expand the number of sampling locations. With the °C Rail’s built-in communication hub to transfer digital sensor data directly to your PC across USB, there is no need for separate data acquisition hardware. And, with no sensor cables to manage, it’s easier to setup and maintain test equipment.

The °C Rail is a flexible, multipoint, airflow sensing array solution with adjustable sensor count and sensor spacing. It is designed to work cohesively with Windows®-based AccuTrac datalogging software for real time viewing and analysis of airflow data. A complete °C Rail system consists of a module, sensors, and AccuTrac datalogging software.

The module is an extruded rail, with a built-in communication hub, and accepts up to 15 probe-style air velocity and temperature sensors. °C Rail sensors are configurable with choices for velocity range and probe length. They are purchased separately from the module so that users can order the specific quantity they need. AccuTrac is a channel-based, or sensor-based, software subscription and should be matched to the active sensor count. If the number of °C Rail sensors is increased, the number of channels on an AccuTrac license can be easily upgraded.

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