Jeanine Faietta Eastman’s Book Blizzard the Ice-Harvesting Horse

Jeanine Faietta Eastman’s Book Blizzard the Ice-Harvesting Horse

Windham, ME, April 16, 2024 — Jeanine Faietta Eastman, author of “The Very Same Moon,” has completed her new book, “Blizzard the Ice-Harvesting Horse”: a charming story set in Maine during the early 1900s that follows a horse named Blizzard as he helps his human friends harvest ice from the frozen lake in order for others to use it to store their food throughout the year.

Born and raised in the great state of Maine, author Jeanine Faietta Eastman grew up on Highland Lake with her family, where she cherished the fresh and frozen lake waters since childhood. She fondly remembers her grandpa’s stories of ice harvesting that took place on the lake during the early 1900s and finds it fascinating that the frozen lake water provided such a valuable commodity to many local Maine families. She believes it is important to tell the story of the frozen crops to younger generations so they would learn what life was like for those who came before them.

“Isn’t it so cool that ice was harvested from the frozen waters of Highland Lake?” writes Jeanine. “That’s how it was done in the early 1900s, so many years ago! Saddle up as Blizzard, the ice-harvesting horse, shares his adventures while he and his neighbors work together during the frigid Maine weather.

“With the cold wind blowing, it messes up his long mane. Oh well, lake hair, he doesn’t care. After all, Blizzard’s mane keeps him warm. He can make it through any storm! Cutting and harvesting the frozen crops into blocks of ice, assuring that freshly picked Maine strawberries stay cold through the hot Maine summer. Without ice, that would be a bummer! Neighbors helping neighbors, you will surely see why Maine has always been the way that life should be.”

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