Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication Introduces New Members

Farmingdale, NY, April 11, 2024 — Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide introduces its newest members who will be included in the online publication for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed below.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce its newest members who are now part of the online website:

Stephanie M. Carrasco–Healthcare
Jean A. Moran–Education, Theater
Brennan Gleason–Arts, Entertainment, and Fashion
Dave W. Schroeder–Educational Athletic Supply
Thomas C. Baldassarre–Entertainment
Gwendolyn L. Thomas–Education
Holly G. Pugh–Apparel
Jessica M. Semyonova–Healthcare
Deloris Pinson–Nonprofit
Jane Moore–Hospitality
Eric W. Vollheim–Government
Barbara Major–Real Estate
David T. Rasey–Automotive
Kyshia L. Shackles–Healthcare
Claudia Y. Arias–Healthcare
Mark M. Baker–Legal
Sharon L. Bracher-Smith–Nonprofit
Zandra L. Cegielski–Real Estate
Mitch M. Martin–Contracting
Bobby Langford–Nonprofit
Thomas Gramuglia–Entertainment
Tyler Blakely–Engineering
Jennifer Lyn Johnson Barnes–Real Estate
Timothy W. Weddell–Industrial Chaplaincy
Michele Wallace Campanelli–Literature
Linda Soehner–Education
Andrew D. Krauss–Automotive
Thomas F. O’Neill–Financial Services
Natalie C. Anderson–Food and Beverage
Tessa Johnson–Real Estate
Donald J. Leith–Housing Construction
Garrett P. Bergeron–Transportation and Logistics
Theodore “Ted” Garcia–Hospitality
Ocelia M. Pearsall–Healthcare
John J. Pryor–Construction
Enrique Gonzalez–Coaching
Elaine Furey–Healthcare
Jennifer W. Degen–Somatic Coaching
Ronald T. Brooks–Marketing and graphic design
Jacqueline D. Childs–Automotive
Ayesha N. Everett–Real Estate and Finance
Jo Ann Buie Way–Military/Community Services
Sarah J. Dunkin–Hospitality
Les R. Medall–Finance
Andre L. Blackwell–Arts and Entertainment
Joel Kessler–Publishing
Robert J. Kowalski–Real Estate and Literature
Louis Sica–Education, Science
David W. Scott–Construction
Amy Kay Hamlin–Education
David H. Luding–Consulting
Maurine C. Howard–Nonprofit
Ginger Graf–E-commerce, Retail
Stanley L. Hinton–Healthcare
Larry E. Swank–Construction
Michael L. Gemperline–Healthcare
Gemini Krikkett–Art, Spirituality
Dorian M. Hayes–Real Estate
Kimberly A. Wills–Real Estate

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