As a story, Patna Shukla had to be told to create awareness about such education scams” said Arbaaz Khan on producing Disney+ Hotstar’s Patna Shukla

What happens when a small-time lawyer and homemaker is thrown into the deep end of fighting for justice for a victim of an education scam? Disney+ Hotstar’s upcoming film, Patna Shukla takes you on the journey of a fearless lawyer, who takes matters into her own hands when she sees a student entangled in an education scam and soon realizes that she is pitted against a Chief Minister candidate. Bringing to screens a scam unlike ever seen before – Patna Shukla dives into the education scam of fake roll numbers that affects the lives of thousands of earnest students in India. Produced by Arbaaz Khan Productions and directed by Vivek Budakoti, the courtroom drama begins streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starting March 22, 2024.

Education scams are common, but one you probably haven’t heard of is the roll number scam. Disney+ Hotstar’s Patna Shukla will expose this rarely spoken-about scam and Producer Arbaaz Khan has opened up on why this story is important to tell.

Opening about the same, Arbaaz Khan, producer of Disney+ Hotstar’s Patna Shukla said, “When I read the script of Patna Shukla, I was inspired by it. It evoked so many emotions in me, it was unreal, even though I’ve not experienced something like this in real life, the way characters navigated each experience was so relatable and of course Raveena! I couldn’t have imagined anyone else playing Tanvi Shukla. From the minute I read about Tanvi and Raveena being in the talks, I said “Let’s set that in stone,” this needs to happen only with Raveena for the amazing actress she is. As a story, Patna Shukla had to be told to create conversations about such education scams, and I was ready to do anything to bring this project to life. When the audience watches the film on Disney+ Hotstar, they’ll know what I’m talking about and hopefully, resonate with it.”

Embark on the journey of a common woman and her uncommon grit as she goes on the quest to find justice for a victim of an educational scam with Patna Shukla, streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starting 22nd March 2024.

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