Amethyst presents HEART SONG – Spring Summer 2024 collection

Heart Song | Spring – Summer 2024

The tall grass sways over steeped hillsides as the gentle breeze rolls, carrying with it the honeyed rays of the summer sun. The quiet countryside stirs awake from its deep slumber as the world comes alive with warmth and light. The genteel commune converges under the vast and clear canopy of the sky in an unspoken ritual as they set out into the fields, trudging their simplest tools and wicker baskets to scour and forage the bounties that the earth created from the seeds they planted not too long ago.


Just like their ancestors from a hundred years ago, they collect what the spring brings and soon they rejoice in the affirmation of their hard work and the blessings that they reaped together – while singing wordless songs, humming in unison from their very hearts – songs that have held this community together to create, to rejoice and to live.

Heartsong – p é r o Spring Summer 2024 is set in this land that reverberates with the melodious gurgling sounds of the brook, the chirping of the birds, and the gentle rustle of the leaves, overlaid with the soft songs of the community that lives within it.

Featuring relaxed, yet timeless silhouettes of dresses, shirts, pants, and jackets in French linen, hand-woven cotton, gabardine, and taffeta silks, Chanderis, and Mashru, the garments spring to life with classical techniques and newer discoveries that evoke yearning for simpler time through hand-painted vintage floral prints, lace, toile, mesh, and cotton, classic petit point embroidery, beaded detailing, cross stitch, and Genoese bobbin laces. Camellia, the flower of love, blooms on the textiles as weaves, prints, embroidered bullion knots, hand-crocheted surface ornamentations, and buttons. Drawing from the hand-embroidered initials seen in vintage French home textiles that personalized everyday objects, the words ‘LOVE’ appear as an element of surprise.

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