SimonMed and SyntheticMR to Expand Synthetic MRI Trials and Availability at SimonMed Facilities

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 22, 2024 – SimonMed Imaging (“SimonMed”), one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and radiology practices in the United States, announces the continuation of its partnership with SyntheticMR for research as well as the upcoming expansion of synthetic availability from SyntheticMR’s SyMRI NEURO software at its facilities.

SimonMed has currently 9 installed scanners in three states with synthetic capability from SyMRI NEURO: Arizona, California, and Illinois. The expansion will add 10 scanners to include three new states: Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. More will follow. SyntheticMR’s unique SyMRI technology supports a faster MR imaging workflow and allows doctors and patients to follow disease progression and therapy efficacy with more accuracy. It provides tissue maps, volumes, and industry-first myelin measurements that give healthcare professionals the ability to provide more objective decision support.

“We anticipate the addition of synthetic capability from SyMRI NEURO on scanners across many more SimonMed facilities,” said Dr. Lefkowitz, Medical Director of MRI at SimonMed. “We are now using SyMRI’s Quantitative Neuro Reports routinely to draw attention to the most important global metrics which arise from synthetic: brain parenchymal fraction (BPF) and myelin-correlated parenchymal fraction (MyCPF). Both are important metrics of brain health, with the MyCPF providing a critical qualitative component that goes beyond simple gross brain volume.”

Since initial trials began in January 2020 and licensure in August 2020, SimonMed has used SyMRI NEURO not just for routine substitution of synthetic for conventional images (e.g. synthetic minus T2 and T2-FLAIR), but to study the myelin composition of WM lesions. We continue to research additional synthetic-based investigative parameters that will serve to further characterize brain tissue as FDA 510(k) clearance is achieved.

SimonMed, with contributions from SyntheticMR, has integrated SyMRI’s Quantitative Neuro Reports into semi-automated PowerScribe templates with autotexts and autofills to facilitate reporting. These serve to incorporate 6 distinct quantitative metrics of brain health based on an age-matched reference population. This work complements SimonMed’s contributions to personalized imaging for early diagnosis and treatment of disease spearheaded by its SimonONE division.

SimonMed remains at the forefront of innovation and research in radiology and continues to pioneer research for more accurate results and an improved patient experience.

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