Revolutionizing Healthcare Insights

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 06, 2024 — In an era where data-driven decisions are paramount, the healthcare industry stands at the forefront of leveraging insights to enhance patient care, optimize operations, and drive innovation. Today, they proudly announce that 42 market research is successfully operating in more than 60 countries around the world interviewing physicians, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, dietitians and other healthcare-related professionals concerning their experiences and opinions towards any health-related subject; all 100% online.

As pioneers in online healthcare market research, 42 market research brings together decades of experience in advising you on who you should interview; recommended sample sizes; plus the location and demographic distributions of the study respondents to secure the most statistically viable results for your projects.

“Obtaining accurate real-world results as quickly as possible is key for the pharmaceutical companies to understand and react to what is happening within the marketplace,” explains Stuart Crocker, Managing Director of 42 market research. He also added that, “42 market research is able to deliver that information by utilising our extensive network of respondents and experience that we have developed in the 22 years we have been operating.”

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