Author Tim Blaisdell’s New Book An Illustrated History of Athearn Advertising

Author Tim Blaisdell’s New Book An Illustrated History of Athearn Advertising

Rolesville, NC, April 02, 2024 –Tim Blaisdell, a New England native, married father of four, and lifelong train and model railroad enthusiast who remains an avid Athearn collector and historian and is now retired after thirty years of service as a firefighter and fire marshal, has completed his new book, “An Illustrated History of Athearn Advertising: 70 Years- 1947-2017”: a thorough and detailed passion project for model train enthusiasts.

The production of Athearn Trains models has been very well-documented in several books over the years, even since its quite early days. In this work, the progression of the company’s advertising is likewise well-documented. Since 1947, there have literally been thousands of pages of advertising presented to magazine readers. The “Illustrated History of Athearn Advertising” brings out the many styles of ads, the most colorful, and likely some of the best brought to the attention of model railroaders everywhere.

This work is the result of years of scouring the many ads printed in many model railroading magazines since the founding of Athearn Trains. The selected pages of advertising shown in these pages share the many messages detailing the virtues of Athearn models and in many cases follows the pricing of their models over the years.

The very first work documenting Athearn advertising from the very beginning through the company’s seventieth anniversary, this book is a must-have for all model railroaders for deeper insight into the history of Athearn advertising, and the company itself.

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