Author Claren McGivney’s New Book Breathe for Me

Author Claren McGivney’s New Book Breathe for Me

Riverton, UT, April 02, 2024 –-Claren McGivney has completed her new book, “Breathe for Me”: a fictional tale about a girl in her senior year, fated by tragedy, where, just beyond, a chilling, enchanting adventure awaits.

Author Claren McGivney is usually found with her head in a book, and that book would be more often than not a romantic adventure full of mystery. She has always wanted to write a novel, and with her debut book, “Breathe for Me,” it has now become a reality.

Claren has loved and studied ancient Celtic folklore and history most of her life. Her father was the true inspiration for this as she was raised in the joy of all things Irish.

When not reading or writing, Claren enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing with her pups. She lives in Utah with her three sons and three granddaughters close by.

Claren writes, “Dylan had yelled something and pulled the steering wheel hard to the right. My head whipped around and hit the side window. Then my stomach flipped over, and I was, like, floating above my seat, and bam! We were rolling! The seatbelt chopped me in half as I grabbed for the dashboard. A loud, screeching metal sound made me shudder, and I bit my tongue. We were sliding on our side, yellow and orange sparks threatening to consume us.”

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