ABA Technologies Announces Book Release Now What

ABA Technologies Announces Book Release Now What

Melbourne, FL, April 19, 2024 –KeyPress Publishing, a division of ABA Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of Now What? A Behavior Analyst’s First-Year Survival Guide, a book that answers the questions early behavior analysts and those in training might not know how to ask yet.

Now What? by author Mariah Avery, MA, BCBA, draws upon real-world experiences in behavior science training with human-centered, light-hearted anecdotes. This book is must-have reading for clinical behavior analysts in their first year and serves as a valuable resource for aspiring and seasoned behavior analysts. It is filled with skill-building exercises, activities for unwinding, reusable tools, and opportunities to reflect on the reader’s first-year experiences as they happen.

Avery’s passion for behavior analysis began when her son was prescribed ABA therapy and she could not find any available services within a three-state radius of their home. She completed her MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University in 2017, and has since worked in home care, clinics, and schools in the states of Florida and Georgia.

In the process of obtaining behavior science certification and training, experiences such as burnout and imposter syndrome can occur. Practical issues, such as insurance concerns may be faced. Author Mariah Avery provides helpful information towards these ends and many other related topics, based on her own life experiences so readers know they are not alone in this process. Now What? is the go-to guide for all individuals in their behavior science learning journeys.

Author Avery, in this premier book release, provides insightful practical information and is also your friend, whose insights you can lean upon in your own journey.

So, now what? This publication is available for readers today. KeyPress Publishing and ABA Technologies are your partners in behavior science training every step of the way.

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