Tech-driven Mobility: Kia India hits 400,000 Connected Cars Sales

Gurugram, 09 March 2024: Kia India, renowned for enabling new tech-driven mobility experiences, has driven past yet another milestone by recording sales of over 400,000 connected cars. The Connected Car variants contribute more than 44% to Kia India’s overall domestic dispatches, representing one of the best industry case studies. Furthermore, Kia India’s Connected Car variants are growing at 30.9% CAGR, outpacing the global growth forecast of 18% by 2032.

Image - Kia surpasses 4 Lakh Connected Car Sale

The Seltos, with a 65% contribution, holds the primary position in driving Kia’s total Connected Car sales. Customer preference for Seltos models has also consistently leaned towards variants equipped with Connected Car features, comprising 57% of all Seltos units sold. Following the Seltos, the Carens demonstrates a similar trend, with 31% of its customers opting for Connected Car variants. Although telematics is available in only 7 variants of the Sonet currently, these models still contribute a significant 21% to the total Sonet sales. Kia has consistently led the way in implementing advanced Connected Car functionalities in their vehicles.

A few of the most popular features loved by the customers are:

Hinglish Commands: Users can now access the car features through Hinglish commands like “Sunroof Kholo,” offering additional convenience.
Remote Window Control: Allow users to operate the windows of their cars remotely.
Remote Engine and AC Start: Keeps the car ready and cooled/heated to be just seated and driven.
Valet Mode: Restricts access to your AVNT, protecting your privacy.

Commenting on Kia’s technology leadership in the automotive industry, Mr. Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales and Business Officer, of Kia India, said, “We have differentiated our brand in the market for its design and technology superiority. In today’s hyper-connected world, customers want their cars to be seamlessly integrated with their lifestyle, driving a surge in demand for technology-enabled cars. We will continue to introduce more and more connected car features to offer a safer, more connected, and enjoyable driving experience to our new-age customers.”

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