Innovation Leader Abhay Tandon Takes on Web3 with

New Delhi, 9th March, 2024

In a significant move for the Indian startup ecosystem, Abhay Tandon, the former Digital Innovation and Partnerships Officer at TVS Motor Company, has made a strategic transition from the automotive giant to a promising new role in the tech industry. Tandon joins Monet. work, an innovative Web3 startup, as their Chief Business Officer, where he will be pivotal in developing an interoperable loyalty ecosystem.


Tandon’s expertise in corporate innovation, shaped by his experience with Fortune 100 companies, positions him as a valuable asset in his new venture. His deep investment in the startup community, coupled with his role as a co-founder and general partner at 3to1 Capital, highlights his commitment to fostering emerging technologies. At 3to1 Capital, Tandon has been instrumental in identifying and nurturing startups with the potential to disrupt traditional business models.

The move is emblematic of a broader trend within India’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape, signaling a strong confidence in the sector’s growth and potential. Seasoned professionals like Tandon are increasingly stepping out of high-profile corporate roles to venture into startup enterprises, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a spirit of innovation. This shift not only underscores the allure of the startup industry but also indicates the dynamic nature of career trajectories in today’s business world.

As Tandon embarks on this new chapter with Monet. work, his trajectory is a testament to the burgeoning opportunities within the Indian startup ecosystem. His endeavor is a clear indicator that India’s business leaders are ready to embrace the risks and rewards of shaping the future through technology and innovation.

The industry awaits with anticipation to see how Tandon’s leadership will steer Monet. work towards redefining customer loyalty and engagement in the digital age. His journey is set to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and investors to explore the untapped potential within the Web3 space and beyond.

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