Somany Impresa Group appoints Shashvat Somany as Head of Strategy

National, 28th February 2024: Somany Impresa Group, a leading Indian conglomerate with a diverse portfolio, announced Shashvat Somany as the recently appointed Head of Strategy. This strategic move signals a key step in the Group’s expansive plans across companies, including AGI Greenpac, Hindware Home Innovation Limited, and Hindware Limited. Shashvat will play a crucial role in shaping the long-term strategic direction, collaborating closely with business leaders for the Group’s ambitious growth and diversification.


Shashvat will play a pivotal role in steering the Group’s innovation and business expansion initiatives. His main focus will be leading the global expansion initiatives of AGI, and formulating a strategic roadmap to establish a strong international presence. Shashvat will also be responsible for exploring strategic partnerships, fostering innovative collaborations, and evaluating potential ventures to further elevate the Group’s presence in the building products and packaging products sector.

In addition to these strategic initiatives, Shashvat will focus on enhancing the capabilities of the data and analytics teams, contributing to the Group’s digitalization efforts. His primary objective is to ensure a comprehensive and forward-looking integration of technology across the businesses, positioning Somany Impresa Group for success in the digital age.

“I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter with Somany Impresa Group. The Group’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking approach is truly inspiring. I am confident that my experience and collaborative spirit will contribute to our ambitious expansion and diversification goals,” says Shashvat Somany, Head of Strategy, at Somany Impresa Group.

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