Philips 100Hz monitors, just right for your every need, available in MENA region

Best bang for your buck
In life, the sensible choice isn’t necessarily the fastest, most expensive one. Instead, companies such as Philips think about solutions that meet a wide range of your everyday needs, and our ranges of monitors certainly reflect this. So, for the majority of your typical uses, our experience and research show that certain monitor specifications represent the best value for your hard-earned money. Philips 100Hz monitors have been carefully designed, with a blend of features and specifications, to fit your every need, making them perfect for studying, working, and gaming.


Why 100Hz can be your best choice
With optimal resolutions and 100Hz refresh rates, perfectly and automatically balanced by complementary framerates, you’ll get enhanced productivity, wide viewing angles, and reduced screen stutter for a sleek, fluid and flawless viewing and gaming experience. Clear rendering of objects for smoother video play, and all of these performance and benefits are achievable using existing hardware and peripherals and graphic cards, so no need to upgrade.

Working efficiency
With Philips 100Hz refresh rate monitor models, Adaptive-Sync supports the new DRR (Dynamic Refresh Rate) features of Windows 11, dynamically varying refresh rate according to your task, and balancing performance and power consumption. Faster page flipping and scrolling, plus smoother ‘inking’ in various Microsoft and Adobe applications, allow you to finish that CAD/CAM design, spreadsheet, document or design project effortlessly and on time. With the perfect balance of speed, efficiency and performance, you can be safe in the knowledge that your monitor is meeting all of your energy-saving needs too. Perfectly productive.

Eye comfort
Eye comfort is high on Philips’ design features, focussing on regulating brightness and reducing flicker for more comfortable viewing. In addition to Philips’ Flicker-Free technology, Philips’ LowBlue Mode setting uses smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. This helps to protect eyes from damage, reducing negative effects on vision over time. Further, PowerSensor and LightSensor technologies automatically reduce and adjust picture brightness to save energy.

Green and sustainable
Philips places great emphasis on a sustainable future, with initiatives such as energy efficiency, fully recyclable packaging, and compliance with international environmental standards. Strictly adhering to RoHS standards to ensure substantial reduction or elimination of toxic substances, Philips emphasizes freedom from harmful substances such as mercury, halogens, PVC, and BFR. In addition to using 100% recycled packaging materials, Philips also utilizes up to 85% post-consumer recycled plastics in some selected models.

Philips 100Hz expertise
Philips 100Hz monitors have been carefully designed, with a blend of features and specifications, to fit your every need, making them perfect for studying, working, and gaming. Well within your price range are several examples of Philips 100Hz monitor models that will be kind to your wallet, while still providing all of the benefits outlined here.

100Hz Philips monitors are available in the UAE and can be purchased from Trigon LLC and in Saudi Arabia from Sariya Information Technology Company. In Mauritius, it can be purchased from Titan Trading and in South Africa from DCC Technologies and Tarsus. The monitors come with a 3-year warranty.

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