Innovative Approach: Leading Expert Unveils Holistic Revolution in Menopausal Well-being

-Dr. Melanie Carminati, PT, DPT, GTS, NCPT, Pelvic floor Physical Therapist & Owner of Inspira PT & Pilates

Menopause is an often dismissed and undiscussed transition in women’s lives as they age. Women can begin to experience perimenopausal symptoms as early as their mid thirties. Symptoms include hot flashes, fatigue, brain fog, gastrointestinal symptoms, sexual dysfunction, and more.

But relief is here! There are many options for women experiencing symptoms related to menopause that can improve their quality of life. Some of these treatment options include pelvic floor physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, acupuncture, and herbal therapies!

As we age our muscles and bodily tissues shorten and lose elasticity. This leads to decreased flexibility and mobility with movement. While this affects our entire body, many women often notice it during sex. In addition to musculoskeletal changes, hormonal changes such as the decrease in estrogen can cause vaginal dryness. Tissue inflexibility and tissue dryness can make for an uncomfortable and less than pleasurable sexual experience.

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help to improve tissue flexibility to decrease the pain that some women experience during sexual intercourse and improve overall function. Pelvic floor physical therapy can also improve blood flow and strength in the pelvic region.

Visceral manipulation is a technique used by physical therapists and massage therapists to normalize the movement and balance in the visceral organs in our abdomen. Constipation and irregular bowel movements are frequently experienced by women in menopause. Through this osteopathic technique, normal innate motility of these visceral organs can be awakened.

Craniosacral therapy is another osteopathic technique that can be used to address the central nervous system. Mood changes often noticed during menopause associated with hormonal shifts can be addressed through this whole body system approach. The vagus nerve, the main nerve in charge of regulating our bodily functions, is targeted during these craniosacral treatments and yields powerful results.

By balancing the central nervous system, women going through menopause will feel relaxed and more grounded in their mindset and energy level.

Acupuncture & herbalism are two other treatment modalities aimed at balancing the entire body. With the same goals as previously mentioned treatments, they can give women a greater sense of ease and energy levels to complete their everyday activities.

Pelvic floor physical therapy, visceral manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and herbalism are all powerful tools to help with the symptoms of menopause so women can lead fuller and more fulfilling lives!

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