Parallel Wireless to Deliver GreenRAN Hardware-Agnostic Capabilities on AMD EPYC 8004 Siena Processor Platform

Nashua, NH, February 20, 2024– Parallel Wireless, the leading provider of Open RAN platform-agnostic solutions that allow cellular network operators to have greater control over their components, today announced a significant collaboration with AMD. This collaboration leverages the performance of the latest AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors optimized for edge and telecom deployments to revolutionize Open RAN solutions, marking a pivotal step forward in the adoption of Open RAN by the telecom sector and showcasing Parallel Wireless’ unique cross-platform capabilities.

Parallel Wireless has achieved a milestone in Open RAN development with its GreenRAN™ Hardware-Agnostic software platform, which operates seamlessly across various general- purpose CPUs, including AMD EPYC™ CPUs. This advancement represents a significant departure from traditional Open RAN solutions that were tied to specific hardware configurations.

AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors play a crucial role in this collaboration, offering high core counts, advanced energy efficiency, and competitive pricing. These features are integral to enhancing the performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of Open RAN solutions, making them more adaptable to the diverse needs of telecom operators. The collaboration with AMD  allows Parallel Wireless to transcend the constraints of legacy hardware solutions. By
leveraging the advanced capabilities of AMD EPYC™ processors, Parallel Wireless is setting a new standard for innovation and flexibility in RAN deployments, offering telecom operators a much-needed alternative to traditional approaches.

Parallel Wireless and AMD share a vision for a future where telecom networks are defined by their openness and flexibility. This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to drive innovation and expand the possibilities of telecom technology. “Working together with AMD, operators can more confidently move away from legacy hardware constraints, allowing for greater innovation, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in RAN deployments,” said Steve Papa, Founder & CEO of Parallel Wireless. “As telecommunications continue to evolve, AMD energy- efficient and high-security hardware provides the low-touch onboarding and maintenance needed to face tomorrow’s technology challenges.”

For AMD, Parallel Wireless offers an opportunity to deploy their ‘Siena’ hardware into new environments and obtain deeper penetration into the telecom market. “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Parallel Wireless to drive the evolution of open hardware and software solutions in the telecom industry,” said Kumaran Siva, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Market Development at AMD. “Our AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors are optimized for edge and vRAN deployments and deliver outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and innovative features for power and space-constrained environments. Our collaboration with Parallel Wireless exemplifies our dedication to supporting cutting-edge telecom technologies.

Together, we are reshaping the future of network infrastructure with a focus on flexibility, performance, and innovation.”

This collaboration is poised to transform the telecom industry by promoting a more open and versatile network architecture. Parallel Wireless’ commitment to cross-platform Open RAN aligns with the industry’s shift towards more flexible and adaptable network solutions, paving the way for a new era in telecom technology.

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