Limited Edt x New Balance Unveiled the Urban Islander Collection in India

The Urban Islander is defined to be an inhabitant of the sunny island, which both collaborators originate from, holds a deep interest in style, music, art, and subcultures, has an open mind to creativity, and who traverses the streets and paths less traveled.

The concept also epitomizes the contrast between Singapore being a metropolitan urban city and, at the same time, the perfect tropical getaway. This is perfectly captured in the new collection fusing urban sophistication and tropical flair that transcends boundaries and elevates streetwear to new heights featuring a range of products that include a New Balance 580 sneaker, Helinox Chair One, OMBAK shirt and shorts, tote bag, hat and socks.

In addition to elevating Indian street fashion, the Urban Islander collection is also a celebration of the ongoing collaborative efforts between Limited Edt and Mr Sabotage, as well as the long-term partnership between Limited Edt and New Balance.

Urban Islander

At the heart of the Urban Islander Collection lies the New Balance 580, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends a reserved color palette with bold statements. The shoe features the signature pineapple print, vividly adorning the insole and lining, embodying the essence of the Urban Islander lifestyle. Crafted with meticulous detail, the material execution is a treasure trove of premium finishes, including Hairy Suede, Woven Fabric, and 3M Reflective materials. The New Balance 580 stands as the epitome of streetwear sophistication, encapsulating the identity of the Urban Islander.

Urban Islander x New Balance 580

The Urban Islander x Helinox Chair 1 reimagines the classic Chair 1 with Urban Islanders’ signature “pineapple” aloha print. Constructed with DAC’s proprietary aluminum alloy and high-strength nylon, this limited-edition chair marries comfort and portability with a touch of tropical flair, making it a statement piece for outdoor enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.

Urban Islander x Helinox Chair One

Urban Islander x OMBAK: In collaboration with Singapore-based fashion label, Ong Shunmugam’s diffusion menswear line, OMBAK, the Urban Islander Collection presents a shirt + shorts set adorned with the signature “pineapple” aloha print. Crafted from lightweight linen, this ensemble effortlessly combines style and comfort, reflecting the laid-back vibes of the Urban Islander.

Shirt (INR13,800) Shorts

Drawing inspiration from the textures of rattan picnic baskets and the ambiance of tiki bars at the beach, the Urban Islander Tote is the epitome of luxury beach chic. Crafted with Woven Raffia fibre and full-grain leather, this tote is a versatile accessory that seamlessly transitions from a day at the beach to city streets, exuding elegance, and style.

The collection would not be complete without the Urban Islander Sock, a casual cream ribbed sock featuring the collection’s colorway – Cream, Sand, and Black. Embellished with an embroidered Urban Islander pineapple logo, this sock adds a touch of streetwear flair to any ensemble, ensuring comfort without compromising style.

Urban Islander Tote

A perfect foil for any sunny weather, the Urban Islander New Era 5 Panel Camper features a linen and mesh construction that’s finished with an embroidered pineapple logo at the front and an Urban Islander script at the back.

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