LAPP Unveils “alive by LAPP” – A Commitment to Excellence, Innovation & Inclusion

Bengaluru, 21 March 2024: In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, adaptability and innovation are crucial. LAPP stands as a beacon of transformation, unveiling its new brand identity and tagline, “Alive by LAPP”. This initiative reflects the company’s evolution over the last 65 years from a cable manufacturer to an integral industry partner dedicated to bringing industries to life, providing customized solutions that drive innovation and success for its customers.


The legacy of innovation, spearheaded by Oskar Lapp’s invention of the first industrially manufactured color-coded wires under the brand name ÖLFLEX® in 1958, has propelled LAPP to become a pioneer in cable and connectivity technology. LAPP’s commitment to delivering customized solutions remains resolute. Developed by experts for experts, the company consistently provides tailor-made connection systems for projects across different segments. Beyond cable supply, LAPP is dedicated to designing optimized end-to-end solutions and providing high-quality standard products, that actively contribute to bringing industries to life.

“At the heart of LAPP’s mission is a powerful message: ‘bringing industries to life.’ This dedication positions LAPP as a global leader in connectivity technology, exemplified by its journey from a cable manufacturer to a preferred partner for connectivity solutions, a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.”

LAPP recognizes cables as the silent heroes of the industry, the unseen lifelines that power vital processes. Their industrial solutions act as neural networks seamlessly connecting various production segments. From mobility solutions to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and predictive maintenance, LAPP’s connectivity breathes life into industries by ensuring the efficient flow of power and data.

Matthias Lapp, CEO of LAPP, emphasizes, “It’s all about our customers and their needs. They are the linchpin of everything we do. ‘Alive by LAPP’ is more than just a tagline. It accompanies us in every customer conversation, in the online shop or in corporate communication. LAPP is everywhere: countless applications, machines, and industries around the world run thanks to our connection solutions. In a world that depends on connections, ‘Alive by LAPP’ is a promise.”

Marc Jarrault, Managing Director, Lapp India adds, “The refreshed brand identity, with its vibrant blend of orange and purple, reflects a deeper commitment to the future. The orange, the foundation of our heritage, continues to symbolize the energetic spirit of innovation that has always driven us. The additional dash of purple signifies our focus on being a more inclusive and accessible brand, communicating with a broader audience, young and old, and empowering future generations to shape a more connected world. This new identity also reflects our dedication to fostering diversity within LAPP. Ultimately, orange and purple together represent the dynamic energy and collaborative spirit that LAPP brings to creating solutions that keep industries alive.”

The global influence of LAPP is evident, with its connection solutions playing a crucial role in numerous applications, machines, and industries across the world. At the core of LAPP’s portfolio are tailored connection systems crafted by a proficient team. LAPP’s specialists work diligently to create bespoke products and solutions, addressing the most challenging project needs and industry requirements.

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