Infinix Joins Hands with Global Collaborators to Unleash Youth Potential through Mobile Technologies

Malaysia, March 22, 2024 – Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, organized an expert panel roundtable discussion to coincide with the launch of their new NOTE 40 Series of mobile phones. The roundtable aimed to explore how mobile technology can unlock the potential of youth and develop strategies for engaging with Generation Z to foster positive connections and nurture creativity.

“At Infinix, our strategy is focused on meeting the needs of young users both now and in the future. That’s why we organized this roundtable as a way to give back and contribute to empowering the younger generation. Our commitment to youth is also evident in our frequent collaborations with other leading industry brands as we explore the future world of young users and gain momentum for the future,” explained Lake Hu, Chief Marketing Officer of Infinix. “During the roundtable discussion, we delved into the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and professional mobile gaming, recognizing them as key drivers for the next generation. Our aim is to enable young individuals to realize their potential, forge positive connections, and nurture their creativity.”

The roundtable featured an expert panel comprising accomplished professionals from diverse fields, including industry-leading tech companies and Infinix collaborators such as Amazon Web Services and MOONTON Games, as well as the innovation director of UNESCO and the experiential art and design company Studio T*SH. The spirited discussion began by exploring how mobile technology and AI can empower youth in their creative pursuits and promote innovative thinking. A second session focused on how businesses and organizations can more effectively foster positive connections with Generation Z.

AI-Driven Mobile Technology Leads the 2024 Tech Trends

In a world increasingly reliant on digital technologies, Infinix is on a mission to harness the power of mobile technology to unlock the potential of today’s youth. With the theme “Unlocking Youth Potential Through Mobile Technology”, Infinix and a panel of experts discussed the transformative role of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in fostering youth creativity and learning. The rapid advancements in mobile devices and AI capabilities offer unprecedented educational opportunities and innovative approaches to engage and inspire the next generation.

Nya Wen, the Product Manager for Infinix NOTE, passionately emphasized the remarkable integration of large language models and generative AI within mobile devices. With undeniable excitement, she expressed, “Thanks to the mobile industry, we now have the revolutionary concept of an ‘AI Phone’ that not only learns from user interactions but also enhances its comprehension of individual preferences. This leads to a personalized user interface, customized recommendations, and a transformative shift where the mobile device evolves from a mere tool to an intelligent companion. Its capabilities to predict and facilitate surpass our wildest imaginations.”

The panel also featured valuable insights from Dr. Xia Zhang, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services, who emphasized the transformative power of AI in facilitating learning for youth and helping companies innovate. He stated, “AI is poised to drive the digital innovation of next-generation mobile phone businesses in the coming years. Take Amazon Bedrock, for instance, which allows users to build and scale generative AI applications by providing them with a choice of high-performing Foundation Models from leading AI companies, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, and Amazon. Infinix has been working closely with AWS on the cloud, and we are collaborating to build Generative AI applications for mobile users.”

Unleashing Gen Z’s Creative Power through Tech and Gaming
The second roundtable theme, “Engaging Gen Z: Building Positive Connections and Fostering Creativity” ignited spirited discussions and shared insights among companies and organizations worldwide. Generation Z, referring to those born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, wields significant influence as consumers and co-workers. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, effectively understanding and engaging with Gen Z presents both challenges and opportunities. In this roundtable, Infinix and the expert panel explored strategies to engage this generation, nurture their creativity, and foster positive connections.

As a brand at the forefront of mobile technology innovation, Infinix leverages forums like these to gain valuable insights, which are then translated into groundbreaking products. For example, the NOTE 40 Series offers an enhanced gaming experience with features like bypass charging, reduced charging temperatures, and innovative screen technologies. Infinix designed these functions to cater to a wide range of Gen Z user scenarios, ensuring the perfect user experience for their dynamic lifestyles.

MOONTON Games, an important partner of Infinix, empowers young individuals through esports tournaments, educational partnerships, and digital literacy campaigns. Adrian Cher, Head of Regional Esports Sales at MOONTON Games said, “We aim to provide opportunities for youth to showcase their skills, pursue careers in gaming and related fields, and promote responsible gaming and online safety. Our goal is to foster a globalized and culturally appreciative gaming community that combines entertainment with education. We invite gamers to collaborate with us, inspiring the creation of content that helps them.

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