Unveiling Mobile App Success

Lakewood, CO, March 27, 2024 — Get ready to delve into the pivotal position QA takes in mobile app development as a1qa hosts a roundtable titled: “QA role in delivering high-quality mobile experiences.”

In this exclusive event, attendees will gain valuable insights into the critical reasons why mobile app breakout requires meticulous QA attention.

From maintaining consistent quality across new app builds, OS releases, and feature additions to ensuring compatibility across diverse locations, this session will cover it all.

Furthermore, participants will delve into the importance of security testing in proactively safeguarding against potential sensitive data breaches, thereby fostering user trust and enhancing privacy in mobile applications.

Liza Makarova, Solution adviser at a1qa, emphasizes, “In today’s dynamic digital landscape, ensuring seamless mobile experiences is paramount. Our roundtable will shed light on the vital role of QA in meeting user expectations and driving success in the competitive mobile app market.”

Alexey Ermolinsky, Solution adviser at a1qa, adds, “At a1qa, we’re committed to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver top-tier mobile experiences. During this event, participants will be encouraged to share ideas on how to steer clear of data breaches and ensure the proper functioning of mobile software on different platforms. Join us to unlock actionable insights and strategies for optimizing your mobile app QA processes.”

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