Safeguarding Europe’s Digital Frontier Against Rising Cyberthreats

Princeton, NJ, March 25, 2024 — In the backdrop of robust economies and relentless pursuit of digitalization in the DACH region – one of Europe’s economic powerhouses – QG Media, an ISMG company, is proud to unveil the 7th edition of the DACH Summit: Securing the Region From Cyberthreats to be held on April 9 and 10, 2024, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Situated in the heart of Europe, the DACH region, which comprises Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has emerged as a significant hub for cybersecurity activities and technological innovation, making it an attractive target for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and systems.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland follow stringent data protection law, including the GDPR – the toughest privacy and security law in the world. As a result, cybersecurity practices in the DACH region often prioritize data protection and compliance with regulatory standards.

Despite data protection laws, the EU faces challenges in addressing rapidly evolving cyberthreats, including a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, the proliferation of sophisticated cyberattacks, and the interconnectedness of digital systems. In a session titled, “Safeguarding the EU Cyber Landscape With the ECCC,” Luca Tagliaretti, executive director, ECCC, will explore the guiding principles and overall approach the EU will take toward cybersecurity in the future, which includes aspects such as collaboration, data protection and international cooperation.

“In this landscape, Germany stands as a pivotal hub for cyber and data policy and regulation, anchoring the region’s efforts toward robust governance frameworks that balance innovation with security imperatives,” said Ravi Manji, executive director, QG Media. “DACH Summit plays a vital role in fortifying our region against cyberthreats. By fostering collaboration and sharing practical insights, we empower our community to proactively safeguard against evolving risks. Together, we secure not just data, but the very foundation of trust and progress upon which our digital future depends.”

Acknowledging the growing significance of IT and cybersecurity in the DACH region, the summit aims to address several key issues such as understanding vulnerabilities in multifactor authentication, the need for mobile best practices to avoid data leakage, and ways to prepare for API security.

The DACH summit serves as a platform for stakeholders from industries including banking and finance, automotive, retail, transport and logistics, and pharmaceutical, to exchange ideas and best practices aimed at strengthening their organizational resilience. CISOs including Dr. Timo Wandhoefer from Klöckner & Co SE, Naveen Ullkashi from PagoNxt, Robert Hellwig from the University of Siegen and Paul Sester from HORNBACH Baumarkt AG will lend their expertise as thought leaders and contribute to the collective knowledge base of the cybersecurity community and foster a culture of collaboration and information sharing.

Attendees can choose from a variety of content learning formats such as keynotes, presentations, roundtables, panel discussions and fireside chats, helping them maximize engagement and participation. This diverse mix of formats will allow attendees to deep dive into overarching themes and trends in cybersecurity and customize their experience based on their learning styles.

“Amid the evolving threat landscape facing the DACH region and the broader EU, the 7th edition of the DACH Summit stands as a crucial platform for cybersecurity and IT,” Jennifer Eisenhofer, VP – events, ISMG.

The region’s economic influence, commitment to data protection, and cybersecurity expertise make it a key player in shaping cybersecurity trends and practices, both regionally and globally.

As cyberthreats continue to escalate, the DACH Summit provides a vital opportunity to empower the cybersecurity community to stay ahead of emerging challenges and safeguard the region’s digital future.

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