New VirtuAlarm Universal Alarm App, for Both iOS and Android

New VirtuAlarm Universal Alarm App, for Both iOS and Android

Kirkland, WA, April 05, 2024 –Kirkland, WA, during its recent dealer meeting, VirtuAlarm announced to partners and customers the deployment of its newest revised App for iOS and Android.

The App features VirtuAlarm’s proprietary false alarm reduction processing platform as well as remote camera viewing, DIY monitoring with authority connect, and remote arm disarm capability for multiple alarm systems.

The False Alarm Reduction Platform allows Alarm Dealers, IOT providers and end users multiple communication methods allowing remote confirmation or cancellation of any alarm event, prior to any monitoring center receiving the signal. When an alarm event is received by the platform, either by PSTN, IP, Cellular or even by email using their exclusive AlarMail® services, push notifications are sent to the end user’s App and to as many friends, family members, or employees as needed. At each step, any user receiving the notification can either cancel, hold, or confirm the alarm for immediate dispatch. The App allows the end user to place the alarm on hold, allowing time to provide investigation of the alarm cause, including using a video view option, prior to requesting cancellation or dispatch of the alarm. This entire process can take less than 15 seconds, based on the variable settings available. The new VirtuAlarm® App reduces alarm processing time based on pre-screening before dropping to any monitoring center, worldwide.

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