Join the Webinar on Winning Cloud Migration Tactics with FishOS

London, United Kingdom, April 11, 2024 — In today’s rapidly evolving cloud landscape, finding a reliable solution for business infrastructure is more crucial than ever, especially with recent market shifts such as the VMware acquisition. Join Sardina Systems webinar on April 25 at 10 AM CET for the “Winning Cloud Migration Tactics: Getting Started with FishOS.” The company’s experts will navigate you through the most relevant and efficient options.

During this virtual event, the audience will learn more about FishOS, Sardina Systems’ OpenStack-based cloud platform, and FishOS Move It, a migration appliance designed for a smooth transition from VMWare to OpenStack. Sardina Systems’ speakers will tackle the cloud migration challenge from both commercial and technical perspectives. Hosted by Anastasiia Rachkova, Sardina Systems’ Marketing Manager, the webinar will feature presentations from the company’s Technical Lead Dmitry Krasovskyi and Sales Manager in Europe Jeffrey Bhaggoe. With their expertise, they will share valuable insights into the realm of cloud migration.

“We invite everyone concerned about cloud migration options to join our live discussion. During the webinar, not only will you gain insights into OpenStack-as-a-service, but also have the opportunity to share your concerns and receive prompt answers to your migration-related questions. We will also provide practical tips to address the challenges involved in migrating your infrastructure,” says Dmitry Krasovskyi, Technical Lead at Sardina Systems.

Explore alternatives to VMware, ranging from proprietary solutions to hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, and venture into the dynamic world of open source. FishOS emerges as the strategic choice, offering cost-effectiveness, customization, and community-driven innovation. Gain insights into migration planning, address security concerns, and optimize budget effectively.

Don’t just adapt to change — learn how to win. To register for the webinar, please use the contact details mentioned below and secure a free spot.

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