ISMG’s Fraud, Security & Risk Management Summit

Princeton, NJ, April 15, 2024 — ISMG is pleased to announce the forthcoming Fraud, Security & Risk Management Summit, scheduled to take place in New York on April 25, 2024. This summit serves as a critical platform for C-suite leaders, policymakers, and cybersecurity and IT experts to convene, share insights, and strategize effective responses to emerging threats.

Amid the rapid proliferation of digital connectivity and technological advancements, the Fraud Summit serves as a compass for security practitioners, navigating both the expansive opportunities and intricate challenges defining contemporary cybersecurity.

Tackling Online Payment Fraud

Studies show that online payment fraud is predicted to cost businesses $343 billion between 2023 and 2027. To empower organizations to combat emerging threats effectively, ISMG’s Fraud Summit will lead discussions at the forefront of payment fraud prevention. Topics will encompass a nuanced exploration of security issues such as account takeovers and synthetic identity theft.

The summit’s agenda is tailor-made to address critical themes, including enhancing security posture, third-party risk management, cyber governance, 5G network security and the principles of zero trust.

“The Fraud Summit is a pivotal part of ISMG events portfolio – evolving every year along with advancing technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and sophisticated cybercriminal tactics,” said Jennifer Eisenhofer, VP, events, ISMG. “Our stellar lineup of leading experts will guide discussions on pivotal topics, and provide attendees with a unique opportunity to gain unparalleled insights and engage directly with top experts in the field.”

Expert Strategies for Cyber Resilience

A roster of seasoned experts, including La Monte Yarborough, CISO at HHS; Laura Deaner, CISO at Northwestern Mutual; Fred Harris, global head of risk and compliance at Citi; and David Sheidlower, chief information security and privacy officer at Turner Construction Company, will share their perspectives and experiences, equipping attendees with the latest strategies for navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.

“The Fraud Summit in the heart of New York City is a testament to ISMG’s commitment to advancing the cybercrime dialogue globally. In 2024, we embark on our second decade of live events – an ongoing journey to redefine industry standards, guided by expert discussions and innovative strategies,” said Tom Field, SVP, editorial, ISMG. “This summit is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for collaboration, shaping a future where organizations navigate the digital landscape with resilience and strategic foresight.”

Solution Room: Deepfakes, Real Stakes

The agenda unfolds with immersive sessions that take attendees on a journey into the intricacies of the global threat landscape, unveiling revolutionary strategies to counter new and evolving threats deployed by adversaries. The spotlight will also shine on the dynamic relationship between cybersecurity leaders and IT departments, exploring collaborative tactics necessary to safeguard against escalating cyberthreats.

The summit will explore incident response strategies through an interactive Solution Room exercise, hosted jointly by the United States Secret Service and CyberEdBoard. This meticulously crafted session simulates a sophisticated cyberattack, allowing participants to enhance strategic response capabilities against a deep fake incident targeting a corporate executive.

Ethical AI for Fraud Prevention: Balancing Act

Sessions will delve deep into the ethical considerations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in fraud prevention, addressing the delicate balance between effective fraud detection and the protection of individual privacy. This transformative discussion aims to equip attendees with a robust framework for ethical AI deployment, ensuring the integrity of their fraud prevention efforts while upholding privacy rights.

From the immediate aftermath of the Target breach and the lasting impact of SolarWinds and Log4j to the swift evolution of generative AI, ISMG Summits series has consistently stood as a premier platform for education and dialogue surrounding the industry’s most critical concerns.

ISMG’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge content and fostering collaborative discussions ensures that this summit will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of digital security. Attendees will depart armed with actionable takeaways, fortified connections, and a renewed perspective, ready to navigate the ongoing challenges of the cybersecurity landscape with resilience and innovation.

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