ISMG’s Cybersecurity Implications of AI Summit

Princeton, NJ, March 25, 2024 –-As artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a disruptive force across industries, its implications for the cybersecurity landscape are becoming increasingly apparent. In response to this critical evolution, ISMG is pleased to announce the Cybersecurity Implications of AI Summit: North America West to be held in Washington on April 16, 2024.

In Q4 2023, ISMG introduced a series of AI-driven initiatives, underscoring its commitment to innovation-led growth strategy. ISMG’s AI initiatives, including the launch of, the inaugural Generative AI Study, and the global AI education seminars hosted by, enabled the company’s innovation-led growth strategy through AI integration, optimizing workflows, boosting engagement, and enhancing lead quality.

The summit represents a key milestone in ISMG’s ongoing journey to harness the power of AI to revolutionize its business operations and elevate its service offerings, ensuring customers and audiences benefit from the most advanced solutions in the industry.

The Cybersecurity Implications of AI Summit offers an engaging array of session formats – including keynote, plenary session, Solution Room and panel discussions – to cater to diverse interests and learning styles of attendees. This multifaceted approach facilitates an in-depth exploration of AI’s cybersecurity implications from various perspectives.

“In line with our strategic AI-driven growth initiatives, the ISMG 2024 North America West AI Summit serves as a natural extension, fostering critical dialogue at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity,” said Jennifer Eisenhofer, VP of events at ISMG. “This summit will feature exciting discussions spanning secure AI integration, combatting threats with AI, leveraging AI for defense, balancing privacy and compliance, and diverse industry AI applications.”

According to research from Sapio Research and Deep Instinct, 46% of surveyed security operations professionals believe generative AI will increase their organization’s vulnerability to attacks. To tackle AI integration concerns head-on, the summit’s keynote session, “Harnessing AI in Cybersecurity: Lessons From the C-Suite,” will provide attendees with invaluable insights from top CISOs Nicole Darden Ford of Nordstrom; David Tsao of Instacart; and Suha Can of Grammarly. The panelists will share their firsthand experiences deploying AI, navigating hurdles such as data bias and adversarial attacks, enhancing security measures, overcoming integration challenges, and developing strategies to mitigate associated risks – equipping organizations for an AI-driven security future.

The summit will delve into other critical topics such as balancing privacy and compliance in AI adoption, leveraging AI for cyberthreat forecasting, secure AI integration frameworks, and the role of AI in combating cyberthreats across diverse industries.

With AI-enabled attacks on the rise, the demand for AI-driven defense mechanisms is paramount. The Solution Room session titled, “Deepfakes, Real Stakes: Unmasking Cyber Deception in a High-Stakes Tabletop Simulation,” hosted jointly by the United States Secret Service and CyberEdBoard, will simulate a sophisticated cyberattack involving deepfake technology, social engineering and financial fraud. In this interactive session, participants will enhance organizational readiness, foster interagency collaboration, and develop strategic response strategies encompassing legal, technical, and communication aspects.

The summit will attract a diverse audience of CISOs, IT and cybersecurity professionals, and stakeholders invested in the intersection of AI, ethics, and security. Industry leaders from sectors such as financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and logistics will share their experiences and strategies for navigating AI adoption challenges while safeguarding data privacy and organizational resilience.

“With AI rapidly evolving as both a tool and a challenge within cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Implications of AI Summit offers a pivotal platform for industry pioneers to share insights, strategies and solutions for harnessing the power of AI while mitigating its risks,” said Tom Field, senior vice president of editorial at ISMG. “We are at the threshold of a new era in cybersecurity, and the insights shared at this summit will be instrumental in guiding organizations toward a secure and innovative future.”

AI has become more than just an asset – it is the defining factor for staying competitive in today’s market. The summit will be instrumental in adding to the enterprise narrative on the bourgeoning technology, and guiding organizations to make informed decisions about AI adoption and security measures. Participants will be equipped with actionable insights and strategies to leverage AI’s power responsibly and safeguard against its risks.

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