DSCI Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, Telangana hosts Cybersecurity and Privacy Conference

DSCI Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, Telangana hosts Cybersecurity and Privacy Conference

Hyderabad: April 25th, 2024: The DSCI’s Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE), Telangana hosts a Cybersecurity and Privacy Conference at Hyderabad. This pioneering effort by Dr Sriram Birudavolu, CEO of the Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence Telangana was aimed at sensitizing the government departments to the vulnerabilities of cyber-attack and developing a strategy to counter the same.

The conference was attended by distinguished guests from various departments of the Government of Telangana, including Dr Jayesh Ranjan, Special Chief Secretary, ITE&C Department and Department of Industries & Commerce, who was the Chief Guest of the event. Ms Rama Devi Lanka, Director, Emerging Technologies was the Guest of Honour, and Mr Venu Prasad, Jt. Director (Infra & Communications) was a special guest at the conference. Industry stalwarts such as Mr Vinayak Godse, CEO – DSCI, and Mr Srikanth Srinivasan, Vice President of NASSCOM were also present at the conference and enriched the gathering with their valuable insights. Over 200 government representatives from 30+ departments attended the event.

The event featured specialized sessions covering a wide range of topics, including Cybersecurity Best Practices, Data Privacy and DSCI Privacy Seal, Risk Management, Incident Response, and more. Led by industry experts, these sessions provided invaluable insights into tackling modern cybersecurity challenges. The DSCI Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence team also conducted a VPAT evaluation of the government website and presented the outcomes. They also shared insights on what the various departments should consider and the role CCoE can play in helping them implement those solutions. The conference witnessed a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering collaborations between government entities and industry stakeholders to strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan appreciated the team at CCoE for conducting the VPAT exercise for the government website. He encouraged the departments to identify common areas for collaboration to utilize the transformative potential of Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, Telangana and devise strategies to safeguard the critical infrastructure and sensitive data assets in this digital era.

According to Dr Sriram Birudavolu, CEO of the Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence Telangana, “The CCoE has been set up with an aim to provide secure and resilient cyberspace to fulfil the needs of the digital economy and society by creating a cluster of cybersecurity organisations in the state. This conference was organized to highlight the vulnerabilities and give a holistic view of cybersecurity best practices and affordable indigenous solutions to the government departments.

the conference emerged as a cornerstone event, highlighting proactive efforts to fortify the cybersecurity landscape across government entities. The CCoE conducted a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing exercise on a government website.

Seven startups and partners of CCoE were recognized for their exemplary performance in conducting penetration testing exercises on government department websites, underscoring their commitment to advancing cybersecurity standards. Leading industry players actively participated in the event, showcasing their latest product and service offerings tailored to meet the cybersecurity needs of government

departments. Stalls set up by companies such as TCP Wave, Qualys, Seqrite, Cotelligent, and others provided attendees with insights into cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

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