Developers Choose Clouds Based on AI Services

Santa Cruz, CA, April 12, 2024 — The Cloud would seem the perfect development environment for Artificial Intelligence projects due to its scalability and flexibility, but software developers are most likely to select a Cloud vendor based on the Cloud-specific AI application services being offered, according to Evans Data’s recently released survey of Cloud developers worldwide. Of those Cloud developers working on AI projects, over a third cited the importance of AI services over scalability and flexibility. Access to AI specific chipsets was also a strong consideration.

Cloud-specific AI application services crucial for developers include machine learning model training and deployment platforms, natural language processing for chatbots and text analysis, image and video analysis services, recommendation systems, and automated speech recognition. These services enable developers to integrate AI capabilities into applications without extensive AI expertise.

Cloud providers commonly offer pre-trained models for image recognition, object detection, natural language processing (including sentiment analysis, language translation, and text generation), speech recognition, and conversational AI.

Today’s AI developers expect Cloud providers to supply AI frameworks and pre-trained models. The vast majority use them at least some of the time and the majority use them frequently (52%) or always (18%).

The benefits are apparent to developers and they are quick to embrace AI specific models and tools. Over half of AI developers say that using generative AI in their projects cuts their development time by more than 10%.

Evans Data Corp’s biannual Cloud Development survey provides fresh data on current Cloud development topics. Covering a wide array of current topics ranging from AI and machine learning in the cloud, Kubernetes and microservices, orchestration, multi and hybrid cloud, data centers, and much more the survey offers a comprehensive insight into the evolving cloud development landscape.

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