Cywreck Announces Groundbreaking Launch of Wreckbot AI

Mumbai, India, April 15, 2024 –Cywreck, a leading cybersecurity company with a focus on innovation, today announced the launch of Wreckbot AI, a groundbreaking AI assistant designed to empower development teams with robust security and streamlined workflows.

Wreckbot AI leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform the development process. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Security Assessments: Wreckbot AI goes beyond traditional methods by performing both Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). This meticulous, multi-layered approach scans code throughout the development lifecycle, proactively identifying potential vulnerabilities.
AI-Driven Bug Detection and Correction: Wreckbot AI is more than just a vulnerability scanner. It acts as a proactive partner, providing detailed reports that pinpoint vulnerabilities and suggest code-based solutions for remediation. This saves developers valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on core functionalities.
Enhanced Development Efficiency: Wreckbot AI automates crucial security assessments and suggests code fixes, significantly streamlining the development process. This frees up developers to focus on innovation and feature creation, accelerating the development cycle.

“We are thrilled to introduce Wreckbot AI and empower developers with a powerful tool that elevates both security and efficiency,” saidUtkrist Varma, CEO of Cywreck. “Cywreck has a history of delivering innovative solutions that address evolving cybersecurity challenges. Wreckbot AI represents a significant leap forward in AI-powered development assistance. We are confident it will become an indispensable asset for development teams of all sizes.”

Wreckbot AI offers several key benefits:

Improved Security Posture: Proactive identification and remediation of vulnerabilities lead to a more secure development environment, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.
Enhanced Development Speed: Automated security assessments and code correction suggestions significantly accelerate the development process.
Reduced Development Costs: Wreckbot AI helps minimize the need for manual code reviews and security audits, resulting in cost savings.

Wreckbot AI is poised to transform the development landscape, empowering teams to build secure and robust applications with greater efficiency. Free trials will be available later this month.

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