In a world of algorithms, Thrive stands for human choice with a message to ‘Take Food Personally’

Mumbai, 1st March 2024 – Thrive, a food discovery and ordering app, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking campaign, ‘Take Food Personally,’ aimed at encouraging consumers to prioritize choice in a time of highly commoditized food ordering experiences. Rooted in the idea that recommendations need to be personalized and grounded in real human connections, Thrive is dedicated to reinventing the meal discovery and delivery experience. Its innovative social feature, called the Thrive Feed, allows consumers to share their recommendations and experiences, fostering a sense of community for those passionate about food and enhancing word-of-mouth discovery for restaurants.


Building on the insight that “kuchh bhi chalega” is often a standardized response to the question “kya khaana hai?”, Thrive aims to challenge this attitude towards food and empower people to eat what they truly desire. As part of the campaign, Thrive has released a series of brand films on its social media handles, presenting relatable scenarios where opting for ‘kuchh bhi’ leads to comically disastrous situations. These films are designed to compel consumers to rethink their approach to food ordering and inspire them to take control of their dining choices.

Mr. Karan Chechani, Co-Founder and CMO said, “At Thrive, we believe that food is more than just sustenance – it’s an experience that should be savored and enjoyed. With our ‘Take Food Personally’ campaign, we’re challenging the notion that commercial and logistical factors should always trump choice. We want to empower consumers to eat what they truly crave, without compromising on delivery, value or satisfaction.

In a world dominated by algorithm-driven recommendations, Thrive is taking a bold step towards a community-centric approach to food delivery and discovery. We believe that the heart of culinary experiences lies in personal connections and shared recommendations, which led us to launch the Thrive app. We, at Thrive, are committed to revolutionizing the food discovery and ordering experience in India by prioritizing the needs and preferences of our consumers.”

Thrive is committed to developing a platform that serves the interests of both consumers and restaurant partners. This campaign also extends its benefits to restaurants that depend on word-of-mouth discovery, an aspect that hasn’t seen consistent success in the digital realm due to a lack of connected experiences. Thrive offers its restaurant partners fairer commission rates at just 10%, compared to industry standards. Through the shared experiences of its lively community, Thrive strives to restore the thrill of discovering new food experiences.

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