Sanitary pads distributed among government secondary school girls

Gurugram: Recognizing the importance of menstrual hygiene and the challenges faced by young girls in accessing essential sanitary products, Under the Mega campaign of cleanliness awareness “Niswarth Kadam” organization distributed free sanitary pads at Government Secondary School, Wazirpur.These pads were given to the girls completely free of cost. The aim of this initiative is to break down barriers to menstrual hygiene and ensure that every girl has access to the necessary resources.

sanitary pads

During this, the girls were given information about menstruation, and the problems that arise due to carelessness during it were also explained. Girls were also educated about proper menstrual hygiene practices, emphasizing the importance of changing sanitary pads regularly to prevent infections and discomfort. Proper disposal methods for sanitary products were discussed to ensure environmental sustainability and maintain cleanliness. The girls were encouraged to break societal stigmas surrounding menstruation and embrace it as a natural and healthy bodily function.

Pramod Raghav, founder of Niswarth Kadam expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the community. Menstrual hygiene is a critical aspect of women’s health, and we believe that every girl should have access to sanitary pads without any barriers. By distributing free sanitary pads at School, we hope to empower young girls to manage their menstruation with dignity and confidence. Furthermore, during this period, women have been told about the treatment of female-related diseases and the utility of sanitary pads in it.

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