Le Meridien New Delhi & Archives of Tarun Thakral Presents Journey Through Time: Plus1 Day, Plus 1 Story

New Delhi, 2nd March 2024: Celebrating the leap year, Le Meridien New Delhi, in partnership with the Archives of Tarun Thakral, presents a captivating visual journey titled “Journey Through Time: +1 Day, +1 Story,” – a unique exhibition of hand-drawn Indian commercial posters from the 1920s to the 1960s. The exhibition will be held at Atrium Lobby (Longitude), Le Meridien on the ‘+1’ day of the year from February 29th and March 15th, 2024.

Le Meriadien

Journey Through Time: +1 Day, +1 Story offers a unique opportunity to witness a rare collection of 28+1 original images from yesteryears. One of its kind, a magical exhibit that transcends into a journey of the evolution of design aesthetics and rich visual history of India providing the onlookers an experience to immerse themselves in the charm of offset and lithographic techniques as each poster whispers stories of a bygone era.

This exhibition, curated by the Archives of Tarun Thakral, unlocks the hidden narratives within these fascinating posters. Looking forward to presenting his immaculate collection to the world, Tarun Thakral emotes, “Each piece transcends its commercial purpose, offering a sneak peek into social evolution, consumer trends, and artistic expressions. It is a time capsule that gives you a glimpse of the dawn of independence through advertisements promoting indigenous products, reflecting a nation’s escalating self-belief. The exhibition opens a window into the bustling marketplaces and changing styles of hand-drawn illustrations, capturing the essence of Art Deco and Glamour.”

This exhibition is an invitation to explore the +1 layer of meaning hidden within everyday visuals; an embodiment of how seemingly ordinary advertisements became chronicles of social aspirations, cultural shifts, and artistic evolution.

An enthralled Meena Bhatia, Vice President & General Manager, Le Meridien New Delhi, says, “It is a matter of joy and fascination for us to open doors to guests for this spectacular exhibition which is unique for art gallery frequenters. The posters are beyond interesting and make one think about the level of creativity in the yester. years.”

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