GFCS Deploys Innovative Flood Protection Solutions

New York, NY, March 27, 2024 — Garrison Flood Control, a leader in cutting-edge flood defense systems is proud to announce the successful installation of its Hammerhead Aluminum Flood Barrier Systems at several flood-prone locations on the West Coast of Florida that were hit by hurricane Idalia.

Hammerhead aluminum flood-logs offer advanced engineering and unparalleled strength and durability in protecting properties from flooding, while preserving the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a property. The Hammerhead Aluminum Flood Plank System has been tested to handle the hydrostatic pressures associated with flooding using (FEA) Finite Element Analysis and (CFD) Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis. The flood barrier system has proven effective in safeguarding properties against all types of flood events.

In Bonita Springs, Florida, the Rooftop at Riverside restaurant complex required flood protection to meet local building codes and FEMA requirements for dry floodproofing on new construction. Utilizing Garrison Flood Control’s Hammerhead flood logs, the property developer met all local requirements to the base flood elevation specified on FEMA flood maps, plus one foot of required freeboard.

Similarly, the commercial property management firm, Kova Properties in Naples, Florida, encountered significant damage from Hurricane Idalia at many of its properties along 5th Avenue. To protect its buildings against future flood events, Kova contracted with Garrison Flood Control to install its Hammerhead aluminum flood barriers. These removable flood barriers provide much-needed defense against expected hurricane floodwaters, while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the high-end properties and businesses along this iconic avenue.

Furthermore, Aversana Hammock Bay Condominiums in Naples, Florida, having experienced significant flooding during the last hurricane, contracted with Garrison to install its Hammerhead aluminum flood log system at critical entrances and to protect elevator pits and building infrastructure against flood damage. The board of directors were proactive in deploying these innovative flood log barriers to protect the building and its residents property against future hurricane related flooding.

“These projects exemplify the exceptional performance of our flood protection solutions in real-world scenarios,” said Arnon Rosan, CEO of Garrison Systems. “The Hammerhead aluminum flood barriers are engineered to provide maximum protection with minimal disruption to daily operations. We are thrilled to offer these solutions to communities and properties facing the increasing threat of flooding.” The Hammerhead aluminum flood-logs design allows for seamless integration into existing infrastructure and is demountable, making them ideal for retrofitting existing buildings and for meeting dry floodproofing requirements at new construction projects.

With installation teams in Florida and throughout the United States and the ability to specify, fabricate, and install flood barriers quickly in flood prone areas, Garrison has become a leading supplier of flood mitigation products. The company, with headquarters in New York and warehouses strategically placed on both coasts, offers a full line of water diversion barriers, perimeter protection systems, and temporary flood dams to homeowners, commercial properties, and government agencies.

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