Gaurav Nabh and Deepak Kumar Launch ‘Thrive’, a New-age Creative Capital Collective

March 20, 2024; Mumbai, India: After successfully building one of India’s fastest-growing full-service digital agencies Korra over the last five years, seasoned creative and marketing experts Gaurav Nabh and Deepak Kumar now launched Thrive, a new-age creative capital. Through Thrive, both Gaurav and Deepak aim to bring their expertise and experience to new-age and digitally native brands, support them with their brand story, and infuse them with capital to accelerate their growth. While Gaurav Nabh served as the Founder and CEO of Korra, Deepak Kumar, served as the agency’s Chief Creative Officer.

Gourav Nabh

Thrive will infuse new-age brands with a unique incubation platform. Focused on partnering with early-stage direct-to-consumer brands, Thrive will guide them with their narrative, go-to-market strategy, ROI-based media, and content. Thrive will support brands with creative and capital investment, thus enabling founders to focus on their growth story and scaling their business.

Having spent over two decades in marketing consulting and has worked closely with brands of all sizes, Gaurav has led multiple successful brand launches in India during his roles at NIIT, Virgin Mobile & Telenor. He has served as the Chief Marketing Officer at fast fashion brand Koovs and led a digital consulting business at GroupM. Deepak on the other hand has over 15 years of experience in building brands like Mamaearth, Uber, Taco Bell, and Land Rover along with agencies like Ogilvy, Havas, and Wunderman Dubai. His work has won him several metals at Cannes, the New York Festival, and ADFEST over the years.

Speaking on Thrive’s creative capital, Gaurav Nabh, Founder at Thrive said, “Having been a part of the industry for over 2 decades, we believe that the world has changed, and brands are being built in more guerilla ways than ever. Advertising today is no longer limited to a campaign and brands with a purpose coupled with strong brand narratives will have a better right to win. Thrive was founded with the idea to partner with founders, who are building for the audiences of today, a consumer who are far more aware, educated, and conscious of their choices. We believe founders today need the right advice backed by experience, relevant brand narratives, razor-sharp creativity, and creative capital to grow. Whether it is finding a brand’s purpose, helping scale business through new product introductions and launches or even disrupting with never-seen-before brand marketing and content, Thrive will change how new-age brands are built.”

“No brand is born to just survive but Thrive. We believe brands thrive when the brand partners directly collaborate with marketers and founders and own outcomes more than owning ideas. Having built a couple of unicorn brands, including India’s biggest IPO in 2023, we believe that our creative capital infusion will enable brands to find new ways of creating brand love. This begins with handpicking talent across industries and looking beyond traditional solutions. We are sure that the next generation of brands will be built on creative capital and Thrive is well positioned to support them on their journey.” added Deepak Kumar, Co-founder, of Thrive.

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