From Drab to Fab – Unfold The Best Of Spring Hair Care Secrets

The right hair care suitable for the spring weather will lead to ‘more good hair days, and more hangout plans.’ Why not, when your hair feels chirpy, you must utilize the moment to make plans! But, how do you find a good spring hair care routine? No worries, this guide will expose you to the best spring hair care habits you should follow for thick, lucid, and shinier locks!

• Reduce The Hair Wash Frequency – Spring air is denser and lower in humidity. This means, your hair will look and feel drier than summers. Hence, you can wash your hair less frequently than normal to retain moisture and shine. The number of times you wash your hair depends on your hair type and concerns. So, if you have been washing your hair thrice a week, try to take it down to two. However, if you are washing your hair once a week, keep it static!
• Use a Lightweight Oil Or Serum On Hair Ends Every Night- If you still haven’t made this a part of your daily hair care routine, it is your sign to finally start doing it. Choose a lightweight hair oil or serum and apply a few drops of it on your hair every night before going to sleep. When you keep this habit consistent, you will see a remarkable difference in taming frizz and retaining moisture. Ensure to tie your hair in braids, before going to bed!
• Use A Hair Mask Before Shampoo- If you already have a hair mask in our hair care routine, it is good! If not, help yourself find a thick hair mask, the formula of which is clean and nourishing. Use the hair mask on your hair 20 minutes before washing the hair and follow it up with a shampoo and a conditioner. Try this, and you will see the difference right in the first wash.
• Tie Your Hair When The Wind Gets Strong- While you are out in the open, you must take a few precautions that maintain your hair health. Winds can lead to frizz and tangling and expose your hair to dirt and dust. Just using a hair band when you feel the wind is getting loud can resolve multiple hair issues and cause less hair breakage.
• Try Treating Your Hair With a Suitable Oil –Hair oiling massively helps with moisture retention while enabling a supply of nutrients to the hair. Choose a hair oil that works well with your hair porosity level. If your hair is highly porous, use lightweight oils like grapeseed, whereas, when your hair’s porosity is low, use thick oils like coconut! Massage the oil in your scalp for 15-20 minutes and let it rest for 4-5 hours before washing off. Remember, not to keep oil on your hair overnight or for elongated hours.

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