Entourage Films Unveils Cinematic Ode to Taj Hotels Timeless Legacy

Entourage Films, known for its creative excellence in the world of advertising, has produced a cinematic tribute to one of the living legacies of the Taj – The Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Founded by the visionary Executive Producer Garima Arora, Entourage Films embarked on this venture. Under the direction of Ishaan Nair and the artistry of Peter Flickenberg, a captivating montage for the brand was created which is a true testament to the magic of their collaboration.

The film immerses in a narrative where the viewers can encounter the rich affair of memories and history. It flows into the graceful celebration of life that is love, courage, and culture witnessed by the walls of the palace. The film lets the viewers perceive, connect, and explore the timelessness through one of the Legacies of Taj.

Entourage Films encapsulated the journey as one filled with a blend of overwhelming challenges and triumphs. For the entire Entourage team, the film fosters a profound sense of fulfillment that words can scarcely capture.

Entourage Films is an award-winning and rapidly growing production house, spearheaded by a team of talented women who are committed to building a legacy that empowers womanhood. As Garima Arora quotes – “In a nutshell, to stay on the path was overwhelming, daunting, yet exhilarating. Needless to say, being chosen to showcase this wonder to the world was humbling for the Entourage team. There are countless untold stories waiting to be shared, and we are inspired to bring them to light.”

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