Thankfully I could see a future in this field’: Anshuman Malhotra on his acting career and Dillogical

Mumbai, 27 February 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, has recently released Dillogical, a riveting romantic comedy series redefining love and relationships. The series follows the story of Saransh and Jinal, childhood sweethearts who navigate the complexities of modern relationships amidst the layers of self-discovery, emotional turmoil, and heartfelt realizations. Since reconnecting with Jinal after a long time, Saransh’s life takes a sudden turn when Jinal proposes an open relationship, putting their love to the ultimate test. Dealing with her long-standing fear and pressure from her family simultaneously, Jinal explores the depth of being self-independent and finds out what she truly wants.

Anshuman maolhotra

Shedding light on his character ‘Saransh’ and the change of dynamics in his love life, Anshuman Malhotra shared “Saransh is a nice guy, with a settled job, family, and clear priorities for both his work and his girlfriend. The fact that he gets proposed with an open relationship and how he deals with it defines his whole character’s arc. He understands the reason behind why Jinal proposed an open relationship, so it revolves around the decision he will make and how he comes out of it.”

He further gave insight into his first project as an actor by sharing, “Acting was my first job. I have never been to college, so I started working after completing school. My first film was Haider and it’s been a decade since. I have been steadily working in the film industry. Thankfully I could see my future in this field, and unlike Saransh I have no connection to the tech world in real life.”

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