Medica restores 5-year-old’s hope: A journey of healing and resilience From trauma to facial reconstruction

Hyderabad, 27th February 2024: From the picturesque town of Giridh, Jharkhand, nestled in the hills, lies a tale of courage and the unwavering human spirit. In a tragic flip of events, the innocent smiles, and giggles of the 5-year-old child, Gitanjali Kumari was transformed in a split second. On 25th December 2023, while the district was abuzz with Christmas spirit, little Gitanjali met with an accident during a bike ride with her parents. The collision by a truck on the back of their bike threw her onto the road and left her with severe facial injuries. Her parents rushed her to the nearby hospital, where immediate resuscitation measures were undertaken. Upon, recognizing the need for specialized care, she was promptly transferred to Medica Superspecialty Hospital, the leading private hospital chain in Eastern India on 26th December and was admitted under the supervision and care of Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Agarwal, Consultant, Department of Plastic Surgery, Medica Superspecialty Hospital. Little Gitanjali underwent complex surgical intervention and a comprehensive facial reconstruction process that lasted for two hours and rehabilitation of about 5 weeks, marking a remarkable journey of healing against all odds. The restorative surgeries were executed by Dr. Agarwal and the team of doctors comprising of Dr. Nicola Judith Flynn, MD, Head of Department – Paediatrics, and Neonatology, Medica Superspecialty, Dr. Sunandan Basu, Senior Consultant, Brain and Spine Surgeon at Medica Institute of Neurological Diseases (MIND). The press conference was attended by Dr. Amiya Kumar Mishra, Sr. Consultant & HOD, Department of Anaesthesia, Medica Superspecialty Hospital as well.

Geetanjali Kumari

For the parents of Gitanjali, the future was fraught with uncertainty. Her father, Vikas Gupta, works as a hawker, while her mother, Pammy Devi is a homemaker. Affording the means for necessary operations was an overwhelming challenge for them. At Medica, they found more than just medical care, where the hospital management stood firm with their sole resolve to see the brave heart through the ordeal. The impact of the accident avulsed her facial tissues from the bones of her face. At the tender age of 5 years, Gitanjali endured this trauma, particularly to the right half of her face, including the skin, eyelid, and nostrils. Gitanjali underwent extensive facial reconstruction and rehabilitation over a period of five weeks, exhibiting remarkable post-surgery progress. Notably, she has regained the ability to open and close her eyes, and her nasal structures have been successfully restored, which was a major concern for her parents.

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Agarwal elaborated on the situation, stating, “When Gitanjali was rushed to the hospital, she faced significant trauma, particularly to the right side of her face. But in the face of adversity, little Gitanjali’s courage became our guiding light. One of the most critical aspects of her treatment involved safeguarding her eyesight, which was compromised due to the avulsion from the eye socket. Swift surgical intervention was imperative to prevent prolonged exposure of the eyes, which could have resulted in irreversible damage. Thankfully, timely medical intervention ensured that Gitanjali retained the ability to keep her eyes open, thus preserving her vision. Following her discharge from the hospital last month, Gitanjali is undergoing regular follow-up appointments to monitor her progress and address any concerns.”

Vikash Gupta, father of Gitanjali Kumari, recounted, “On December 25th last year, while we were out, we met with an accident in the morning. My daughter was in excruciating pain, her face covered in blood. We rushed her to our local hospital, where they advised immediate transfer to Medica. The following day, we shifted her to the Medica. We were deeply concerned for our daughter’s life and simultaneously we were worried about the cost as these treatments would be costly. However, the hospital showed kindness while understanding our financial constraints and cooperated with us. We are forever grateful to Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Agarwal, his team, and Medica as they have essentially given a new lease of life to our Gitanjali.”

Mr. Ayanabh Debgupta, Jt. Managing Director, of Medica Group of Hospitals, shared, “Gitanjali’s journey is a reiteration of the fact that Medica not only treats patients but also supports them as and when necessary. For us saving little Gitanjali’s life and ensuring that she gets back to her normal life was an uphill task and our clinicians through their tireless efforts made this possible.”

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