ValueH Launches TXAACOs to Drive Value-Based Care Collaboration in Texas

ValueH Launches TXAACOs to Drive Value-Based Care Collaboration in Texas

Dallas, TX, April 04, 2024 — Amidst the evolving landscape of Texas healthcare, ValueH, the parent organization behind the highly successful Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), proudly introduces its latest initiative: the Texas Association of Accountable Care Organizations (TXAACOs). This strategic venture responds to the growing need for localized advocacy and collaborative networking within Texas’s healthcare ecosystem. With a kick-off event this Fall and the inaugural conference slated for later next Spring, TXAACOs aims to replicate the resounding success and impact of FLAACOs, which has been instrumental in driving value-based care in Florida since its establishment in 2014.

N​icole Bradberry, Founder and CEO of FLAACOs, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled to harness the success of FLAACOs as we expand into new markets, starting with Texas. We’ve demonstrated the vital role of state-based networking and advocacy in driving local adoption of value-based healthcare. With Medicaid increasingly embracing value-based care, this localized advocacy becomes even more essential.”

FLAACOs’ dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has not only propelled their growth but also positioned them as pioneers in the evolution of value-based care. Their ongoing commitment to advancing collaborative efforts among healthcare stakeholders has paved the way for transformative changes in patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Reflecting on FLAACOs’ decade-long journey and emphasizing FLAACOs’ pivotal role in advancing value-based care within Florida’s healthcare domain, Derek Pauley, President & CIO of Physicians ACO, expressed anticipation for the emergence of TXAACOs. Pauley remarked, “FLAACOs has been pivotal in promoting collaboration, providing educational resources, and offering networking platforms that have empowered our ACOs. Here in Florida, our ACOs stand out as leaders, consistently ranking within the top 5-10, with a multitude of satisfied and engaged physicians. We have full confidence in FLAACOS to extend its legacy of excellence into the healthcare landscape of Texas, catalyzing positive transformations and fostering innovation.”

With FLAACOs serving as a beacon of success in Florida’s healthcare ecosystem, attention now turns to the evolution of accountable care in Texas with the emergence of TXAACOs. “The Texas Association of Accountable Care Organizations is committed to uniting industry experts in Texas to drive advancements in accountable care and alternative payment models,” noted Reyann Davis, MPH, Director of Value-Based Care at Texas A&M Rural and Community Health Institute/President of Value Health Innovations. “Through targeted networking and collaborative initiatives, TXAACOs will focus on advocating for regional priorities and supporting the progress of value-based care within Texas.”

The TXAACOs Board of Directors will host a kickoff reception this fall in Dallas, during which they will announce the location of the inaugural annual conference to be held next spring. These events promise invaluable opportunities for networking, education, and collaboration among healthcare professionals committed to propelling value-based care in Texas.

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