Baird Medical Granted New Class III Certificate by China’s NMPA for Ceramic Thyroid Ablation Needle

Frisco, Texas – March 30, 2024 – Baird Medical Devices, Inc. (“Baird Medical” or the “Company”), a leading microwave ablation (“MWA”) medical device developer and provider in China and the United States, today announced it has been granted a new Class III certificate by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China for its next generation Ceramic Thyroid Ablation Needle for the treatment of thyroid nodules on March 19, 2024.

The Ceramic Thyroid Ablation Needle utilizes rare earth ceramic materials that deliver exceptional heat resistance, chemical stability, and electrical insulation properties. These qualities empower the ablation needle with precise thermal control during surgeries, effectively minimizing postoperative complications and ensuring the safety and efficacy of procedures.

The unique properties of ceramics facilitate a more uniform distribution of energy within the tissue during Microwave Ablation Treatments, mitigating the edge heating effects resulting from reflection and refraction. With an estimated 30% increase in mechanical strength derived from its robust material, the needle offers enhanced flexibility and reliability during tissue penetration, thereby improving operational accuracy and reducing the risk of breakage, particularly in delicate procedures.

The characteristics of rare earth ceramics optimize heating, resulting in more consistent microwave energy penetration, thorough energy release, and a notable 20-30% estimated increase in overall heating efficiency. Through the use of high-temperature sintering technology and a precision connection to the needle shaft via specialized processes, the ceramic needle’s efficiency is further enhanced.

“The introduction of the Ceramic Thyroid Ablation Needle signifies another breakthrough innovation in the field of microwave ablation and is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and research,” said Ms. Haimei Wu, Founder and CEO of Baird Medical. “We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of this technology by enhancing the patient treatment experiences and saving lives in the years to come.”

In 2023, China’s NMPA’s issued updates to the Medical Device Classification Catalog, and upgraded the Classification of Microwave Ablation Devices from a Class II to a Class III Certificate.

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