Mother’s Recipe introduces Summerwala Sharbat in five flavours

Mumbai, March 21, 2023 –Mother’s Recipe, an Indian food brand has announced the launch of a Summerwala Sharbat for the summer season. Following its value of creating nostalgia for its consumers, the Summerwala Sharbat products will reminisce the nostalgia of having fresh Sharbats to beat the heat in summer.

Mothers receipe

In Indian homes, making sharbat is a family tradition. Grandmas usually share their special recipes and ways to make sharbat. When summer comes sharbat becomes the go-to drink, especially when guests visit. Sharbat is more than just a tasty drink; it’s like a cultural symbol in India. People offer sharbat to guests to show kindness and make them feel welcome. It’s a big part of Indian traditions that bring families and communities closer. Keeping this in mind, Mother’s Recipe Summerwala Sharbat product category has been introduced in five exciting flavors that promise to bring back nostalgia.

Mother’s Recipe Summerwala Sharbat has launched an exciting new range of refreshing flavors: Mango Panna, Rose Sharbat, Jeera Masala, Khus Syrup, and Lemon Ginger. With the rising temperature, it is very important to keep our bodies cool and hydrated. Khus, Lemon, Rose, and various ingredients in the sharbat are known to offer various health benefits too such as improving digestion & cooling. The sharbat can be served chilled and can be garnished with mint leaves, and lemon slices, or can be turned into a fancy mocktail or a faluda.

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