Toby Adkins’s New Book HOMEbound: Book 1

Toby Adkins’s New Book HOMEbound: Book 1

Lumberton, TX, April 09, 2024 –Fulton Books author Toby Adkins, a happy husband and proud father to his two adult daughters, has completed his most recent book, “HOMEbound: Book 1”: a riveting adventure novel that centers around a father and his daughter as they struggle to make their way home after America endures an electromagnetic pulse that downs all of America’s electronic devices in one fell swoop.

A native Texan, author Toby Adkins is a certified Numismatic Scholar and author who has written several books, both nonfiction and fiction. Decades with one foot in the professional business world and the other foot firmly planted in the outdoors has given Toby a unique knowledge, perspective, and insight. This background allows him to see and express just the right amount of detail in his work and is also known to keep his readers moving along with his valuable and interesting narrative. When not behind his desk, the author can often be found in the middle of his next tactical firearms training or high up in a tree with his hunting bow in hand.

“Rob is a middle-aged man in Texas who is self-described as an ‘avid hunter, outdoorsman, and sometimes hiker.’ He is married with two teenage daughters. His oldest, Ann, has recently started college. He is on his way for a fall hunting trip when the unimaginable happens. An electromagnetic pulse has just crippled everything and everyone around him. Rob recognizes he cannot stay and wait for someone to come help. He sets out on foot, knowing he has a long walk home. His first thought is to reach his daughter Ann so they can make the rest of the journey home together,” writes Adkins.

“Ann is trying to figure out what has just happened. She is an athletic and forthright young woman and soon starts finding herself at odds with others. Ann recognizes there is real trouble on campus and expresses her worries as a supplemental government arises around her. This government entity could change everyone’s future.

“The story unfolds when they each meet their own sets of problems, worries, and outright dangers as Rob and Ann journey home. ‘HOMEbound’ explores each of these characters as they navigate a world no one ever expected to see. Rob and Ann will face hardships, fear, and a search for meaning in a world going into societal breakdown.”

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