PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Celebrations

HONG KONG SAR – 6 February 2024 – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (hereafter referred to as “PolyU Design” or “the School”) has been an important hub for design education and research in Hong Kong, offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design to nurture creative talent across a wide range of industries. The School is celebrating its 60th anniversary which features a series of compelling activities, including the highlighted activity “One to Ten Outstanding Alumni Exhibition”. The School will hold its 60th anniversary opening ceremony on 11 March, where there will be exciting announcements. We warmly welcome enthusiastic participation from all stakeholders to celebrate this milestone moment together!

 PolyU School of Design

PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Celebrations revolves around the theme “Designing Time,” symbolizing the integration of time into design. One hour in a space, whether it’s a home, a building, or an open piazza like the campus square, encapsulates the idea of designing experiences, moments, and interactions that inherently involve all our senses and cross all design disciplines. And over time, PolyU Design has nurtured thousands of design graduates over the past six decades. Their designs have changed the world, showcasing the transformative power of countless “hours” in their work.

PolyU Design 60th Anniversary Exciting Activities Throughout the Year

To celebrate the School’s 60th anniversary, the School will hold a series of exciting activities throughout 2024, including “New PolyU Design Identity Launch,” with the brand-new visual identity represents a new chapter for PolyU Design; “One to Ten Outstanding Alumni Exhibition” showcases the remarkable achievements of alumni in the field of design; “PolyU Design Show 2024” celebrates learning outcomes of PolyU Design students from different programmes at different levels including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, which is a highly anticipated annual design exhibition; “Global Research in Design Innovation Exhibition” features design research projects with other leading design institutions around the world; “Time-capsuled Histories: Six Decades of PolyU Design” maps the 60-year history of PolyU Design, highlighting key milestones, achievements, and uncovering stories of school development and people; finally, the 60th Anniversary Gala brings together the PolyU Design’s community, media, and partners to commemorate the 60th anniversary and showcases strategic direction of PolyU Design. These activities will all showcase the growth and contributions of the School and ignite more creative sparks for the future.

Bringing Together Outstanding Alumni to Promote the Power of Design and Showcasing Design Diversity Across Fields

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration of PolyU Design, the One to Ten Outstanding Alumni Exhibition will serve as a prominent highlight of the celebrations. This creative exhibition, themed “10 Forms (design diversity), 10 Transmissions (knowledge transmissions),” aims to explore the diversity and evolution of knowledge dissemination, rethinking the foundation of design. The exhibition highlights the variety of different design fields and the outstanding achievements of the 10 alumni in lighting design, product design, industrial design, architecture design, communication design, design management, automotive design, Chinese cultural design, and brand identity design. “One to Ten” provides a platform to showcase the alumni’s creativity, talent, and impact, as well as the School’s 60 years of excellence in education and academic accomplishments to a global audience.

PolyU Design, one of the top 20 design schools globally, has gained international acclaim through its commitment to interdisciplinary education, robust research platforms, extensive global partnerships, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. This approach equips students to tackle complex, technology-integrated design challenges while staying at the forefront of innovation in Asia and beyond. The school offers world-class facilities, providing students and teachers with an excellent foundation to connect with the world and become leaders in their fields. Through their knowledge and mentorship, graduates ensure design continuity by passing on their expertise to the next generation. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, PolyU Design invites partners, friends and members of the public to join in commemorating its achievements and injecting transformative power into education and the design industry, thus preserving and transmitting design in various forms.

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